What Is the “brown Chicken, Brown Cow” Joke?

The “brown chicken, brown cow” joke starts with a sexy farming question and ends with the phrase “brown chicken, brown cow.” One version of the joke, for example, asks, “What are the sexiest farm animals?” “Brown chicken, brown cow” is the punch line. This is meant to be funny because it sounds like “bow chicka bow wow” when you say “brown chicken, brown cow.”

When you say “brown chicken, brown cow” quickly, it sounds like the classic music from a pornographic movie. This phrase can be used to make jokes about a number of sexy farming situations. In another version of the joke, it is asked, “What animals did Farmer Joe and Farmer Betty see when they were alone in the barn?” The joke is still the same.

This line is also used in a song by Trace Adkins. The song tells the story of Bobby Joel and Betty, two people who live in a small town. These two people climb into the hay loft after working hard in the hot sun. Even though they need to take care of hay, cows, and corn, the couple takes off their work clothes in the barn loft. The chorus of the song gives a hint of what they may be doing: “Singin’ brown chicken, brown cow/ (Ain’t nobody watchin’ but the)/ Brown chicken, brown cow/ Yeah.”

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