What Is the Definition of Vocational Goal?

When a gainful employer meets an employee’s interests and skills, that is a vocational objective. The Department of Veteran Affairs is a well-known organisation that provides programmes for vocational goals.

Based on a veteran’s impairment, the Department of Veterans Affairs evaluates if he or she is capable of achieving a particular career objective. If a veteran has an employment handicap or a severe employment handicap, a Department of Veterans Affairs employee will decide whether or not the veteran’s vocational objective is achievable. The veteran must be able to begin training for the objective within a fair length of time for it to be achievable. If the veteran lacks the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish the vocational objective, the Department of Veterans Affairs may be able to provide services to assist in the development of those skills. If these conditions are not met, the VA may offer rehabilitation services to help the veteran prepare for the workforce. Occasionally, organisations other than the Department of Veterans Affairs offer vocational goal programmes to their personnel.

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