What Is the Difference Between a House and a Cottage?

A cottage is a small house with one or two stories. It is often thought of as a simple or cosy type of home. In the U.S., the word “cottage” is sometimes used to describe a small or medium-sized vacation home, but in the U.K., calling a home a “cottage” usually means that it was built using traditional methods instead of modern ones.

The smaller category “cottage” is included in the larger category “house,” which refers to buildings that people live in. Cottages used to be small homes in the country or in small towns. They were often attached to farmland or barns. Even if they are on big pieces of land, cottages are always small. Cottages are usually thought of as small homes in the country or by the sea. In modern times, it is rare for a city home of any size to be called a cottage. But real estate agents sometimes use the word “cottage” to make a place sound cosy and comfortable. On the other hand, the word “house” can be used to describe any single-family home that is usually on its own piece of land and not connected to any other homes, no matter how big it is. Most houses are not cottages, but all cottages are houses.

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