What Is the Difference Between Cherubim and Seraphim?

The most important difference between cherubim and seraphim is how they look. Cherubim have four faces and four wings, while seraphim have six wings. In the Bible, the cherubim and seraphim’s main job is to sit on God’s throne and worship him.

Several books of the Bible talk about cherubim, such as Genesis, Ezekiel, Kings, and Revelations. Their four faces are that of an ox, a lion, a man, and an eagle, but Ezekiel swaps the ox face for that of a cherub. They move quickly because they have a wheel inside a wheel. Their wings cover their bodies.

Seraphim are only mentioned in Isaiah. Their name means “the ones who burn, the flying snakes.” Seraphim fly with two of their wings. As cherubim, they are at the top of the angelic hierarchy.

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