What Is the Dollar Value of “1k”?

The value of 1k in dollars is $1,000. One grand is another way to say 1000. Even though “k” is not an official unit of money, it is often used in place of long numbers.

Because “k” is an abbreviation for “kilo,” it is used when talking about $1,000. Kilo is a unit of measurement that stands for 1,000, like in kilogramme or kilometre. Some theories say that it is used because of how computers handle data. A kilobyte, or kb, is 1024 bytes, which is 210 or 1k. Most people, though, only see the 1,000 and not the 24, so they use the letter ‘k’ to mean $1000. Most of the time, you will see “1k” or “100k” instead of “1,000” or “100,000.”

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