What is the fastest way to level up guns in Call of Duty: Warzone?

What is the fastest way to level up guns in Call of Obligation: Warzone?

Leveling up weapons in Call of Obligation: Warzone is an vital however time-consuming course of. Nevertheless, the course of would not have to be the common grind that gamers have come to count on.

Everybody in Warzone should cope with gun leveling to a point. Every level gained on a weapon provides gamers extra entry to new attachments that can be utilized in a loadout. Many of the finest weapon attachments in Warzone, whether or not they’re Black Ops Chilly Conflict or Fashionable Warfare guns, are unlocked at increased gun ranges.

The standard leveling course of for guns in Warzone is not essentially as sluggish as multiplayer grinding, nevertheless it would not harm to velocity up the course of.

Fast strategies for leveling up guns in Call of Obligation: Warzone


One of the most typical strategies to level up guns in Warzone is to merely purchase one of the Call of Obligation video games and play multiplayer. Whether or not it is Black Ops Chilly Conflict or Fashionable Warfare, multiplayer progress will switch over to weapons and loadouts in Warzone. Nevertheless, this methodology could be costly, and gamers have a greater possibility free of charge.

As a substitute of leaping into actual Warzone video games, gamers ought to queue up in the plunder sport mode. Two main benefits for leveling up guns exist in Plunder: respawns and loadouts.

Respawns in Plunder are infinite till the sport is over, and gamers spawn in with their loadout. It permits everybody to skip the foreign money and buy course of and easily start taking gamers out with the desired weapon.

Apart from merely taking part in Plunder, one nice way to velocity up the leveling course of is to choose up contracts corresponding to the scavenger or the recon contracts.

Whereas taking enemies out with the desired weapon, finishing contracts will add one other layer to the course of. Earlier than finishing the contract, gamers want to be sure they’ve the weapon that they need to level up is in their arms. If the weapon is geared up and prepared to use, the expertise gained will go in direction of that weapon fairly than a secondary.

If gamers run a number of matches with XP tokens, their guns will level up in no time to unlock the finest attachments.

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