What Is the History of the Case 580 Backhoe?

Beginning in 1968 with the Case 580 Construction King, the Case 580 backhoe series consists of integrated loaders manufactured and marketed by the Case construction firm. The company’s popular backhoe evolved into the 580B, 580C, 580D, 580 Super D, and 580E. Case announced the 580K as a totally rebuilt version of the previous series in 1987. The 2001 release of the 580 M series resulted in awards from Heavy Equipment News.

The Case firm initially built the Case backhoe to meet the enormous need for inexpensive housing for returning soldiers and their families following World War II. Prior to the 1957 acquisition of Churubusco by Case, the company sold only industrial tractors. At the time of the transaction, Churubusco was developing a revolutionary hydraulically propelled backhoe, which Case engineers led by Elton Long were able to incorporate into the company’s current equipment. This combination produced the Case 320, a forerunner of the more successful 580 series of backhoes.

Case’s earlier backhoe models included the Case 420, which was the first diesel-powered loader and backhoe in the industry, and the Case 530, which introduced the company’s revolutionary two-cylinder, double-acting swing mechanism and hydraulic cushioning technology.

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