What Is the Information Systems Strategy Triangle?

The information systems strategy triangle is made up of the business strategy, the organisation strategy, and the information strategy. It shows how all three strategies must work together for a company to use information systems to its advantage. When putting in place an information system, a company needs to think about its goals, market position, organisational culture, and business processes.

Business strategy is about how a company tries to beat its competitors in the market. It focuses on the company’s ultimate goal, such as making a product that computers can’t make or selling a product for the lowest price.

Organizational strategy is about how a company is set up and how that helps the company reach its business goals. It includes things like business processes, reporting, planning, evaluating performance, and the culture of the company.

Information systems strategy is about how a business can use technology to reach its business goals while taking into account the culture of the business. Adding hardware or software may be needed.

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