What is the procedure for paying using my Kohl’s credit card?

It is necessary to first choose a valid payment option before proceeding with a payment on a Kohl’s credit card. Each kind of payment has its own unique procedure.

Think about a good way to handle the money.

Kohl’s accepts a number of different payment types when you pay off your Kohl’s card. Payments can be done online, by phone, by mail or in store. To make an online purchase, shoppers need to create an account at credit.kohls.com. To make a phone payment, please dial 855-564-5748 and follow the prompts. If choosing to pay by mail, remit payment to the Kohl’s Payment Center located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A consumer can pay in store at any participating Kohl’s retail outlet.

Initiate the transaction based on payment method

Customers can start the buying process once they’ve decided on a payment method. To pay online, create an account at the My Kohl’s Charge website and provide all relevant information. A customer’s bank account and routing number are required to process a phone payment. Payments also can be made through the mail using the envelope provided with the bill. Customers can also pay down their Kohl’s credit card balances in-store with cash, checks, or money orders.

Receive verification of payment

Every option generates a verifiable receipt upon completion of the transaction. Depending on the type of payment used, this evidence may be in the form of a paper statement, an electronic message, or even an auditory confirmation. Those making a purchase should double-check that their funds were successfully received.

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