What Is the Process of Tracking a USPS Money Order?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has an online Money Order Inquiry System that lets you check on the status of USPS money orders. Money orders can be tracked by putting the money order’s serial number into the tracking system. For the postal service to keep track of money orders, banks and other financial institutions have to fill out PS Form 6401.

As part of its Money Order Inquiry System, the U.S. Postal Service puts out a list of money orders that have gone missing. The list has the serial numbers of money orders that are known to be lost. Employees at the post office’s retail window make the list and keep it up to date. Employees are told not to cash any money orders that are on the list of things that are missing.

Money orders that are broken or don’t work are replaced by the U.S. Postal Service. After the negotiable part of the money order is returned with a matching customer receipt, a new one is given. If you lose or have a money order stolen, you can get a new one by filling out PS Form 6401. When the form is turned in, the post office checks to see where the money order is. After confirming that it is lost, the post office sends out a replacement, which also costs money.

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