What Is the Purple Hat Society?

The Purple Hat Society is a group of only women that was started in 2000 by a shop owner named Emma. The Purple Hat Society Ladies’ Tea Group was started at the same time that the founder’s shop in Upland, California, opened.

Who are the Purple Hat Society members?

Think you’ve seen these ladies with the purple hats around? You’ve probably thought about what the purple hat means. Well, the founder’s website, which doesn’t seem to work anymore, says that the Purple Hat Society is for women who like tea, vintage clothes, jewellery, hats, and anything Parisian.

So the story goes, this purple hat club was also started to help women who are always in a hurry slow down a bit by letting them enjoy a cup of tea with others in a calm setting. So, what does it take to join the Purple Hat Society? People who wanted to join had to wear a purple hat to the founder’s events and pay a small fee every year.

Is there a link between the Purple Hat Society and the Red Hat Society?

The Purple Hat Society is kind of like the Red Hat Society (RHS), which is a social group for women over 50. Artist Sue Ellen Cooper started the RHS group in 1998, and it now has about 40,000 chapters in the US and 30 other countries. The main goal of the RHS is to get women to talk to each other more.

The women of the RHS wear red hats and purple dresses to group events to show that they are members. Women under 50 can attend events, but they have to wear pink hats and lavender dresses to show how young they are.

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