What Is the Rembrandt Lamp Company?

In 1816, in Baltimore, Maryland, the Rembrandt Lamp Company was founded. It used to make high-quality gas lamps, which have become very popular and valuable collectibles over time. Rembrandt was known for his floor gas lamps and table gas lamps, which were often made of brass.

At the end of the 1970s, the company was sold to the Harris Marcus Group, and gas lamps were changed to electric ones. Rembrandt lamps still have a very unique look, and they are often said to be heavier and sturdier than they look. They also have a very antique look that appeals to people who like old things and people who collect historical items.

The Harris Marcus Group, which used to be known for its high-end furniture empire, still runs the business that used to be called Rembrandt. This business has been passed down through the Marcus family, and the current CEO is a member of the Marcus family who continues the family tradition of preserving antiques.

These lamps are great for most decors because they have a classic look and are sturdy. Many original Rembrandt lamps are worth hundreds of dollars, but collectors may have bought them for much less because they didn’t know they were old. Some have been sold for as much as a few thousand dollars.

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