What Is the Role of Mathematics in Business Management?

Mathematics plays a significant role in company management since it helps maximise profit through approaches such as assessing production costs, finding optimal pricing, recognising sales patterns, and predicting future sales. A person with great mathematical skills can assess all of a company’s finances, make adjustments to save money and time, and eventually increase the company’s profit.

Mathematics is fundamentally the study of numerical patterns, and in the business world, this includes understanding how to manipulate numbers and make sense of enormous amounts of data. All businesses require a mathematician to analyse their expenses, revenues, and cash flow. If a corporation has accurate documentation of where its money is coming from and leaving, a person can use mathematics to identify operational inefficiencies and make necessary adjustments.

Assume, for instance, that a corporation is selling a product with a very cheap sale price in large quantities. After a customer purchases a product, fifty percent of the profit is used to cover the product’s production costs, while the remaining twenty-five percent covers labour and shipping expenses. This translates to a profit of only one-fourth of the sales price. A mathematician may examine all of the expenditures and apply simple arithmetic to determine by how much the product’s selling price could be increased to generate more money for overhead expenses while maintaining sufficient sales volume to improve profit.

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