What Is the Salary of a New York State Court Officer?

How much a New York State court officer makes each year depends on where they work. As of 2014, the average salary for a court officer in Buffalo is $28,000 per year. In Syracuse, the average salary for this job is $32,000 per year. A court officer in New York City makes about $45,000 per year.

Taking the court officer-trainee written exam is the first step to becoming a court officer in New York State. All over the state, there are testing centres where this test is given. Online applications are the only way to sign up for the test. Visit NYCourts.gov for information about exams and how to apply.

The main job of court security officers is to make sure that the courthouse is safe. Officers may be stationed inside courtrooms and in other parts of the courthouse. They are supposed to do regular safety checks to make sure there are no weapons in the courthouse. For example, a court officer is in charge of the metal detector at the front door of a court. Officers also walk through the halls, keeping an eye out for anything that seems odd. Inside the courtroom, their jobs include taking care of paperwork between the parties and the judge, walking witnesses to their seats, kicking out people who aren’t behaving, and protecting the jurors. Those who want to be state court officers must be U.S. citizens and have a high school diploma.

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