What Is the SilverSneakers Program From Kaiser Permanente?

According to the business that created SilverSneakers, SilverSneakers is an exercise programme designed for seniors aged 65 and older. According to the official Kaiser Permanente website, SilverSneakers is provided at no cost to policyholders who meet certain requirements.

As of 2015, Kaiser Permanente adds that SilverSneakers memberships are free for policyholders with Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Core, Silver, Gold, Medicare, or PERA pre-65 insurance. According to Healthways, SilverSneakers members can exercise independently at participating fitness centres or in programmes with varying levels of intensity. SilverSneakers provides on-site programme advisors and class instructors specifically educated in leading senior fitness classes.

According to Healthways, SilverSneakers members who are unable to visit participating gyms can join SilverSneakers Steps, a self-directed fitness programme in which individuals select the activities they wish to engage in. Members of SilverSneakers Steps also receive resistance bands, exercise instructions, and papers that explain how to use the programme. Members of SilverSneakers and SilverSneakers Steps can sign up for free at Healthwaysfit.com, a website built specifically for SilverSneakers members. Members can log their exercise and diet progress on the website, which also provides health information, recipes, workout demos, and a tool to discover fitness clubs that provide SilverSneakers programmes.

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