What Is Total Product Concept?

The total product concept is a way for companies and salespeople to better understand a product and its market and sell it. The concept describes a product in four ways: the generic, the expected, the augmented, and the potential product dimensions.

The generic product dimension shows the most important benefits that help a product do what it’s meant to do. At this stage, it’s important for the customer to understand what a product is and what needs it fills.

The expected product dimension shows the most important things that a customer thinks about when buying a certain product. Products that don’t do anything beyond what is expected of them are sold at low prices and marketed in the same way.

In the augmented or value-added product dimension, a company or salesperson looks at all of a product’s features and benefits that go beyond its basic functions. The higher price range of these products reflects the added value and extra benefits.

The potential product dimension looks at where a product could go in the future and how it could be made better. Through market research and analysis of customer needs, a company can update a product once the added value of the previous dimension becomes the norm that customers expect.

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