What Is Total Retail Experience?

The complete retail experience is the collection of factors within a retailer’s offering that influence the customer’s overall experience with the shop. It is also known as the customer experience in its entirety.

The concept of the complete retail experience tackles the fact that consumers encounter a retailer as more than just a place selling goods. They communicate with the retailer through diverse channels and methods. Some shops provide their products and services in-store, online, via catalogue, on mobile devices, and at kiosks. The consumer’s opinion of retail brand value is influenced by the consistency of the quality of goods and services across all channels. If a retailer provides poor online service, consumers regard this as a fault with the shop’s brand, not only an online issue.

Typically, retailers approach the consumer experience with either a standard or a personalised offering. An experience that is standardised is generally consistent for all consumers, and prices are low to moderate. A customised experience ensures that each customer receives individualised attention. This method improves the quality of the ordinary customer’s experience and boosts the retailer’s income potential, but it leaves the door open for disparities in the experiences of individual customers. Moreover, providing tailored or customised retail experiences is more expensive.

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