What Kinds of Concrete Steps Can You Purchase at Lowe’s?

As of 2016, Lowe’s sells precast concrete steps made by Century Group, Inc. These steps have two treads and are 14 inches tall and 33 inches deep as a whole. Each tread has a height of 7 inches, a depth of 12 inches, and a width of 48 inches.

Concrete steps are good for front doors because they are strong and don’t get damaged by the weather. These steps with two treads are great for side, back, or garage doors. The step is part of the package, and the whole thing weighs 280 pounds. These steps also protect against mould, bugs, and decay. Even in places where it freezes and thaws often, the special concrete mixture holds up well.

Century Group is the best company in the United States for making precast concrete steps. These steps are made of lightweight concrete and meet building codes for homes that are meant to keep people safe. They are easy to set up and don’t need to be put together. Century Group concrete stairs come in different sizes and numbers of treads, but as of January 2016, they are not on Lowe’s website.

QCA Spa 36-inch resin steps for spas and hot tubs are a similar item that Lowe’s customers have looked at. This set also has two treads, but it is a little heavier than the concrete steps.

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