What Mistakes Prince Charles And Diana Did During Their Wedding Vows

What Mistakes Prince Charles And Diana Did During Their Wedding Vows
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What Mistakes Prince Charles And Diana Did During Their Wedding Vows

What Mistakes Prince Charles And Diana Did During Their Wedding Vows

Mumbai. About 40 years ago today, Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married. More than 750 million people watched this wedding. 3500 guests attended the wedding ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The wedding, which took place on July 29, 1981, was described as the most guest event in British history. Perhaps both were a little nervous because of the people around the world and the thousands of people at the wedding venue. Even before marriage, both of them did not meet much. Maybe that’s why both of them made mistakes in the marriage ceremony. Both made a mistake while taking the marriage vow.

mistakes made by both
In this wedding ceremony, Prince Charles first spoke the marriage vows. During this, instead of saying ‘My Worldly Goods’, he used to say ‘Day Worldly Goods’. Similarly, Diana took Charles’ name incorrectly. Charles’ full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, but Diana read his name as Philip Charles while taking the marriage vows.

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‘This marriage was a mistake’
At the time of the wedding of Charles and Diana, royal writer Penny Junor claimed that Charles believed that it would be a mistake for him to marry. However by then it was too late. The author said, ‘Charles agreed that it would not be right to marry Diana. However, there was no other option. They also believed that once the marriage took place there was a hope of things going right. Knowing everything, he did this brave act.

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Sketches of the design destroyed
During the wedding, the late Princess Diana wore a huge ivory silk taffeta gown. It was designed by fashion designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel. The design was kept secret. Also, after showing Diana, its design sketch was destroyed so that it does not fall into any wrong hands. It was even taken care that in case the design leaked, there was another dress ready as a backup.

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Prince Williams and later Prince Harry were born to Prince Charles and Diana a year after their marriage. However, the couple decided to separate in 1992. Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1996, a year after they officially divorced.

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