What Natural Resources Does Texas Have?

Texas makes the most oil, cattle, sheep, hay, goats, and cotton of any state. There are also chicken, eggs, milk, wheat, rice, and peanuts that come from farms. Besides oil, sulphur, helium, salt, graphite, asphalt, bromine, natural gas, and cement are also mined. Texas has more than 25.5 million acre-feet of water stored in its reservoirs, which are nearly 67 percent full.

Texas has more farmland than any other U.S. state. It has 248,800 ranches and farms with more than 130,2 million acres of farmland. The value of the cattle raised in Texas is $10,500,000,000, and the value of the milk produced there is $1,800,000,000. The value of cotton goods is $2.2 billion, and the value of broiler chickens is $1.7 billion.

Texas is the only state in the U.S. that makes more crude oil than any other. There are 27 oil refineries in Texas. Together, they can process more than 5.1 million barrels of oil per day. 29 percent of the United States’ ability to refine is made up of daily production.

There are a lot of mineral resources in the state of Texas. Many of the domes along the coast are made of salt. There are brine wells all over the state, which makes Texas one of the top salt-producing states in the US. Helium, which comes from the same rocks as natural gas, is made in Texas more than anywhere else in the country. Salt is found in the same places as sulphur, and Texas uses this sulphur to refine oil.

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