What Retailers Take VSP Insurance for Glasses?

Some national stores, like Pearle Vision and some Costco stores, take VSP insurance for eyewear. The best way to find a VSP provider is to use the VSP website’s “Find an Eye Doctor” section. VSP’s glasses store, Eyeconic, lets customers choose the frames and lenses they want.

As of 2015, both Pearle Vision Centers and the independent optometrists who work with these stores accept VSP Vision Care plans. People who have a VSP plan should talk to the person in charge of the plan to find out how much of the costs are covered by insurance.

There are more than 30 brands of frames to choose from in Eyeconic’s online store, from Airlock to X Games. There are more than 15 colours, seven shapes, four materials, and three types of frames to choose from. Eyeconic also helps people find eye doctors so they can get their eyes checked. VSP sometimes has sales on glasses from companies like Nike, Unity, and SunSync. Members of VSP also get 20% off any eyeglasses they buy from Eyeconic.com.

After a customer uses VSP.com to find an eye doctor, the doctor can give the customer the right glasses. Customers can look for someone by name, by location, or by office. ZIP code, address, and city/state are used as search parameters for location. People can narrow their searches to a range of five to one hundred miles.

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