What to expect from The Division Heartland?

What to expect from The Division Heartland?

Ubisoft has introduced the subsequent installment in The Division franchise, this time a free-to-play title named The Division Heartland. In accordance to Ubisoft’s information weblog, the sport is about for launch in 2021-2022.

The information weblog, printed by Ubisoft, didn’t go into an excessive amount of element in regards to the sport’s setting or gameplay. It known as Heartland a “standalone sport that doesn’t require earlier expertise with the collection,” however talked about that the sport “will present an all new perspective on the universe in a brand new setting.”

The sport is being developed by Purple Storm Studios and can come out for PC, console and cloud. They’ve additionally supplied a hyperlink for gamers who would really like to be concerned in testing the sport.

The Division Heartland can have plenty of survival parts fusing it with the mechanics of prior Division titles

In accordance to a report by VG247, the now-removed footage leaked by a take a look at participant pans out some particulars in regards to the sport.

Though Heartland’s gameplay makes use of the mechanics of the prior Division titles as basis, it places rather more emphasis on the survival parts. Within the leaked slice of footage, the participant could be seen taking pictures enemies from behind covers and gathering loot after the encounter.


The footage additionally alludes to one thing known as “filters,” which doubtless assist gamers survive the post-viral apocalypse surroundings set within the American Midwest. It reveals gamers having to navigate a spot known as Silver Lake, together with a hub. The hub is kind of akin to the social hubs of the prior Division titles the place gamers can meet with different gamers, speak with NPCs, store, and do numerous different issues.

Twitter consumer SkyLeaks additionally introduced forth a leak about Heartland’s sport modes. The now-suspended Twitter account uploaded an introductory video by lead sport designer Taylor Epperly. The two sport modes are a purely PvE co-op mode known as Expedition, and 45-player PvEvP mode named Storm.

The Division group had been already anticipating a revival of the Survival DLC of The Division 1 in Heartland. Having been launched in 2016, the Survival DLC of the primary Division sport was one of many forerunners within the battle royale style.

It stays to be seen which route Purple Storm Studio will lastly push The Division Heartland into. From leaks and rumors, it appears Heartland will fuse some battle royale mechanics with some survival parts, whereas retaining the quintessential Division’s third-person gameplay.

Ubisoft is probably going to showcase The Division Heartland in its Ubisoft Ahead presentation as a part of the E3 2021 digital occasion.

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