What to Watch on Netflix – The Best Netflix Original Movies And Series to Watch in 2021

What to Watch on Netflix – The Best Netflix Original Movies And Series to Watch in 2021
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What to Watch on Netflix – The Best Netflix Original Movies And Series to Watch in 2021

What to Watch on Netflix – The Best Netflix Original Movies And Series For Binge-Watching

Netflix is an American company that provides a platform that offers its users a compilation of series and movies that one can watch on payment of a subscription amount. Netflix offers a wide range of movies and series categorized into different genres. The history of Netflix is dated back to 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It is one of the famous platforms to watch interesting movies and shows. It even offers the Netflix Originals movies and shows that cannot be found anywhere else on any platform.

what to watch on netflix

what to watch on Netflix

Netflix offers different features such as making separate accounts for the users. One can even lock the account in case one wants to maintain privacy. Also, if children are using the account then one can apply child lock so that the content gets filtered.

Also, over Netflix, one can make a list of movies and series that one can wish to watch in the coming days. Another great option is that one can request through the portal to add up a movie or series that one wants so which is not present at that time. Netflix tries to add up on the portal. The users of Netflix have a frequently asked question that is what to watch on Netflix? After going through this article one will be having a list of movies and shows that one can watch over Netflix.

How Netflix brought a change for viewers?

Netflix brought a huge change to everyone’s lives as like earlier they need not go to cinemas for watching a movie. Netflix has made it easier for everyone as they can go through movies and shows while being at home. Also, it is cost-effective than going to cinemas as one need not buy tickets again and again.

One just needs to buy the subscription for once and then he can enjoy all the shows and movies available at high-quality prints. Netflix brought a change to everyone’s lives by making it easy for everyone. Also, it brought a change by providing so much variety on just one platform. One need not Google and find a reliable website to watch it rather one can just watch it over Netflix.

what to watch on netflix right now

what to watch on Netflix right now

Netflix impacted the television industry and it also affected the way how cable companies do business. Also, one preferred it because there were no commercials in between so the flow of the movie is constant and interest does not break in between. It had such an impact that people cut off their cables as they felt that it is no more required.

Also, it had the convenience of time as one can watch it anytime and pause anytime rather than a TV that one has to wait for the telecast of his favorite show. Also, it offers so much variety to the users that they can select from. It keeps on updating itself from time to time. So, overall Netflix had a huge effect on the overall thinking of people about watching movies and shows.

what to watch on Netflix – Netflix has its original media and other options as well that it shares with people. It plays the role of distributor for movies, shows, and other media. Also, it has various setting options and one can even test his internet speed through Netflix. When one checks the speed, Netflix redirects one to a web page that checks the speed. So, Netflix overall is an amazing service provider that gives a wide variety to its users.

Best movies to watch on Netflix

People usually have this question that what to watch on Netflix now so here is a list of certain movies that are all-time favorites and one can watch on Netflix and nowhere else:

1) Ludo

If one asks what to watch on Netflix 2020 then the answer would be Ludo. It is an Indian film that is directed by Anurag Basu. It has a huge cast as the movie starts with four different stories of different people that in end merge into one. It is a great comedy movie and one can enjoy it.

2)365 Days

what to watch on Netflix – The movie is originally from Poland starring Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka as the lead actors. The movie is a romantic drama that involves a Mafia family whose leader falls in love with a girl and kidnaps her and makes her fall in love with him. The movie ending shows that every story does not have a good ending.

3)Black Mirror- Bandersnatch

what to watch on Netflix – This movie was released in 2018 and is an interactive science fiction movie. In this movie, the viewers get the option to select what decisions should the lead character make. It is directed by David Slade. The chosen options will decide that in what way the movie ends. It is believed that it has ten to twelve endings and some of them are hard to reach.

4)The King

what to watch on Netflix – The movie is a war drama that is based on the play of William Shakespeare- ‘Henriad’. The story is about how Henry V rises and maintains the politics of the palace after the demise of his father Henry IV. The story revolves around how he handles everything while being attached to the emotional strings of the past.


what to watch on Netflix – The movie is released in 2020 and is a British Romantic thriller. The story is about how an American woman meets a man in Monte Carlo and gets married. She moves in with him where she meets the housekeeper who loved his ex-wife. The housekeeper now tries to turn her life into misery but eventually, the couple survives it and has a happy ending. The story reveals the truth of the death of the ex-wife of the man whose name was Rebecca.

6)The Old Guard

what to watch on Netflix – Another movie of 2020 is a superhero film based on the comic book ‘The Old Guard’ written by Greg Rucka. The movie is a story of immortal mercenaries who together goes on a revenge mission.


what to watch on Netflix – The movie is a romantic comedy that is a story of a man and woman who are pissed by being single even on the holidays. They both agree to be each other’s platonic partners for holidays. However, unexpectedly they fall in love with each other in the end.

8)El Camino: Breaking Bad Movie

what to watch on Netflix – The movie serves as a part or we can say epilogue to the famous television series ‘Breaking Bad’. It is the continuation of the story that was left in the series. The movie has received several awards and a Breaking Bad fan must watch it.

9)Gerald’s Game

what to watch on Netflix – The movie is a psychological horror based on the 1992 novel ‘Gerald’s Game’. The story is about a couple who are trying to play a kinky game in an isolated house. While playing the woman accidentally kills her husband. She was left handcuffed to the bed and no one is there to rescue her.

Eventually, she starts hearing scary voices and starts seeing strange visions. She somehow manages to escape the place and tries to find a new way of life for herself fighting her past experiences.

10)The Devil all the time

what to watch on Netflix – It is an American movie that is released in 2020. The movie genre is a psychological thriller. It is based on a novel of the same name. The story starts with the plot of World War II and is about a young man who tries to save people he loves in a town that is full of corruption and ominous characters.

11)Bird Box

what to watch on Netflix – It is another American creation that belongs to the post-apocalyptic horror genre. The story is about a woman and her children. The population around them is being killed by an unknown force and they only know one thing about it that is if they see it they have to face their worst fears. They leave the place and start the journey blindfolded through the woods to find a place that can offer them life.

12)Enola Holmes

what to watch on Netflix – The film is released in 2020 and is based on a book. Enola Holmes is the name of the main character of the story who is a fearless teenager. She is the younger sister of the famous character ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and in the story, she uses her detective skills to find her mother so that she can outshine her elder brother. She also helps a fugitive lord.

13)Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

what to watch on Netflix – The movie is an adventure film based on the Mowgli stories written by Rudyard Kipling. It is about the character Mowgli who is raised by a pack of wolves. Eventually, he has to leave the wolves and wanders in the Jungle and learns the harsh rules of the Jungle under the tutorship of Baloo a bear, and Bagheera a panther. The whole Jungle accepts him except the Shere Khan the tiger. The Jungle faces bigger dangers when Mowgli comes face to face with other humans.


what to watch on Netflix – It is an action thriller film with the lead actor Chris Hemsworth. The story is about a selfish and money-oriented person who is hired to release the kidnapped son of an international criminal who is in jail. The movie revolves around how he struggles to do so as things get dirty in the gloomy underworld.


what to watch on Netflix – The movie is a science fiction horror that is based on a novel with the same name from 2014. The movie is about a woman Lena who is a biologist and former soldier. She tries to find out what happened to her husband in area X. Area X is the area where ominous things are happening. After entering she finds out a new world with evolved creatures that look mesmerizing but dangerous as well.

16)6 Underground

what to watch on Netflix – The movie is an American action movie that revolves around six different people from all around the world. They all are best at whatever they do and have been chosen for a special mission so that they can forget their past and can change their future.

17)Class of ‘83

what to watch on Netflix – The movie is an Indian action thriller movie that is starring Bobby Deol. The movie is based on a book in which the hero is a demoted cop. He trains five people like his students to punish the corrupt officials and the criminals involved with them. They are trained as assassins by Bobby Deol in the movie.

18)Spenser Confidential

what to watch on Netflix – It is a comedy-action American movie released in 2020. The Spenser is the lead actor in the movie who is a detective. He returns to the criminal world of Boston just to solve a murder mystery. The story encounters how he solves the twisted mystery.


what to watch on Netflix – The movie is an Indian action heist movie. The main female character and her gang are involved in illegal racing and after finding a mysterious criminal King. The gang meets a new guy and adds him to the group and the rest is a mystery for viewers to watch. The movie is full of mystery and thrill.

So, the list mentioned above well tells one what movies to watch on Netflix.

Best Original series to watch on Netflix The Original series are further categorized genre-wise:

Best Drama Movies on Netflix Drama series

1)The Queen’s Gambit

what to watch on Netflix – If someone asks what to watch on Netflix right now then the answer would be this series because it is released in October 2020. It is the life of a chess mastermind who is named Beth Harmon who struggles to become the world’s great chess player. She goes through her emotional problems and addiction problems with alcohol while trying to become a prodigy. The series is based on a movie.


what to watch on Netflix – It is a crime drama television series that has three seasons in total. It is the series of actions committed by the drug lord of Colombia Pablo Escobar and other drug dealers who are big at it who plagues the country in several years.

3)Mind Hunter

what to watch on Netflix – The series is a psychological crime thriller that is based on the book of the same name in 1996. It is about special agent John Douglas and Mark Olshaker who pursues to solve different serial killers and rapists. In the course of solving cases, he develops different techniques and catches all the criminals.


what to watch on Netflix – The ‘Suits’ is an American television series that is based on legal drama that is based on the law firm of New York. It starts with Mike Ross who is a college dropout and joins the firm as a law associate of Harvey Specter even though he never attended the law school. The show revolves around Harvey and Mike how they close the cases while keeping up with the secret of Mike.


what to watch on Netflix – ‘You’ is a psychological thriller series that had two seasons. The story is about Joe Goldberg who is a book store manager who meets an aspiring writer and falls in love with her. He gets obsessed with him and uses social media to track her down and remove problems for their way to romance. Further goes the second season.

best comedy series on Netflix

1)Space Force

what to watch on Netflix – The series is a comedy-drama released in 2020. The series revolves around the workplace group that tries to complete the task to establish the United States Armed Forces sixth branch. General Mark Naird is included as he makes the efforts to complete the orders of the President to get boots on the moon.


what to watch on Netflix – The first season of the series was released in August 2018 and has two seasons. It is a story of a 17-year-old girl who was fat and loses weight and becomes a bombshell. After that, she is hired to become a pageant queen. The series is about her further journey.

3)The Ranch

what to watch on Netflix – Another comedy-drama Netflix original that has four seasons and has 80 episodes in total. The series revolves around a fictional river that is near an imaginary town Garrison. The details of the story are about the Bennett family that is dysfunctional. The family involves two brothers, their shepherd father, and the wife who is the owner of a local bar.


what to watch on Netflix – It is an American comedy series which is about a workplace comedy. The lead actress has been fighting for the legalization of cannabis usage and then hires her recently graduated son and a team of bud tenders. They together try to run a Los Angeles dispensary of cannabis. The team faces ups and downs on their journey and finally in end tells the benefits of the marijuana plant.

5)Sex Education 

what to watch on Netflix – It is a British drama series and if one asks what to watch on Netflix in January 2019 then one can watch this. It is a story of a teenager who has his mother as a sex therapist. He comes up with one of his classmates to set an underground sex therapy clinic at school in end realizing that he needs that therapy.

best animated series on Netflix

1)Boss Baby

what to watch on Netflix – This is a computer-animated series that was released in 2017. The plot is about a story of a baby that is all dressed up in a suit. He arrives at a family and how does his arrival impact that family. The story is narrated by the seven-year-old elder kid of the family Tim. They fight in beginning but it ends eventually when Tim gets to know that the baby is a spy that has arrived to complete a special mission. The end is with a battle among puppies and babies so that they can know who is preferred.

2)Final Space

what to watch on Netflix – The Final Space is another animated series and is a comedy-drama. It is an American series about an astronaut whose name is Gary and his ally Mooncake who is a plant destroyer. They go together on serialized journeys in space to explore where the end of the universe is and whether it exists or not.

3)The Dragon Prince

what to watch on Netflix – This series is about a computerized fantasy world that includes two human princes who are stepbrothers who make a bond with the elfin that was sent to kill them. They altogether start a journey so that they can bring peace to their conflicting lands.

4)All Hail King Julian

what to watch on Netflix – This is another computer-animated series that has many seasons. The story is about King Julien XII who is very strict and is predicted to be eaten by the fossa. After the prediction, he hands over his throne to his nephew. The nephew becomes King Julien XIII who has to now rule the entire kingdom of lemurs. He is a party animal who only loves fun and by watching it one will see how does he treat the throne.


what to watch on Netflix – It is an American animated fantasy that is made by Matt Groening. The story is about a fantasy dream world that has her princess as Bean who is an alcoholic and rebellious. She also has a naïve friend Elfo and a personal demon called Luci. The storyline revolves around her and her companions.

best crime series on netflix

1)Delhi Crime

what to watch on Netflix – This is an Indian series that is based on a real story from 2012. The story is about a rape case that has crossed all the limits of non-humanity. The story is about how Deputy Commissioner is given the case and how the pressure is built on her to solve the case as soon as possible. The story shows how she and her team solve the case despite all the difficulties and serves justice to the victim.

2)Designated Survivor

what to watch on Netflix – It is an American political thriller drama series that has three seasons in total. The series starts with the scene where the head of State of Union is about to address and an explosion takes place. The explosion killed the President and everyone who should have become the President after him. The only person left is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who is given the title of designated survivor.

3)Narcos: Mexico

what to watch on Netflix – It is the crime drama series that involves drugs, criminals, and a lot more. It has in total of two seasons. The story is about a drug arbiter named Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo who faces implosion in his business. His business is collapsed for reasons and it is worth binge-watching how he reacts to it and handles it.

4)Altered Carbon

what to watch on Netflix – The series is an American cyberpunk series that has two seasons. The series is set in the 23rd century where the human mind has been digitized. Also, in this century it is possible to transfer the soul of one person from one body to another. There is an elite interstellar warrior named Envoy who is imprisoned for 250 years and is downloaded in the future. The story is about he tries to stop it.


what to watch on Netflix – It is an Austrian-German crime series that has eight episodes in total. It is based on recalling the life of Sigmund Freud who was a psychologist. It witnesses how he started using the radical technique of Hypnosis for people suffering from Hysteria. It is a biography that shows the five years of the life of the psychologist.

best action movies on Netflix Adventure/Action

1)Stranger Things

what to watch on Netflix – The series is a science fiction horror thriller that is full of mysterious creatures. The story is about a boy Will Byers who went missing near a secretive government laboratory. The friends, family, and local police start their search and find out a mystery that involves the experiments conducted by the laboratory. They also unveil terrifying creatures and encounter a strange little girl.

2)The Umbrella Academy

what to watch on Netflix – The series is a superhero series drama that is taken from a comic of the same name. The story is about a broken family of adopted superhero siblings that later come together to solve the mystery that how their father died and to reveal the truth behind the threat of an imminent catastrophe.


what to watch on Netflix – The series is a Marvel creation that is American. The story is about a lawyer who is blind for the day and becomes an avenger at night. He fights the crime in New York City. The series also involves the story of how Matt Murdock became blind in a chemical accident in his childhood. The spill of chemicals rather than weakening him gave him additional senses of superhuman. Through these powers, he started seeing the world differently and powerfully.

4)The Witcher

what to watch on Netflix – The series is an American fantasy drama that is based on the book of the same name. The title Witcher is given to the Geralt of River. He is a monster hunter that has special powers and also takes money to kill the monsters. In a world full of cunning people he tries to find a place for himself.

5)Iron Fist

what to watch on Netflix – Another marvel creation is Iron Fist is an American series. It is about a nine-year-old kid Danny who spends a decade to get trained in martial arts. He gets training in the city of K’un-Lun. Through his hard work, he earns the title of ‘Iron fist’ which ultimately gives him more power. After ten years he returned to earth for taking revenge for his parent’s death without caring about his immortality.

best horror movies on Netflix

1)V Wars

The series is a science fiction horror and has ten episodes. It is about DR. Luther Swann who enters the world of horror. In that world, a virus is released as an effect of ice melting due to climate change. The virus affected his best friend Michael who becomes a dangerous predator who needs human blood to satiate his hunger.

2)October Faction

It is an American supernatural horror drama that is based on a comic series. The story is about a monster-hunting couple named Fred and Deloris who have twin teenager children Geoff and Viv. Fred’s father dies and the family decides to go back to his home town for holding a funeral but Fred seems reluctant to recall his childhood memories. Meantime their children begin showing supernatural tendencies which makes it hard for them to make friends. The couple goes on a secretive task to hunt a monster while keeping their identity hidden.


The Kingdom is a South Korean horror-thriller series. The story is about the Kingdom which goes through weird rumors that their king has died due to smallpox and the prince is the only hope. The kingdom suffers from the plague that was spreading over for mysterious reasons. The prince tries to find the reason behind the spread of the plague.


Betaal is an Indian horror series which is about a remote village where a battle takes place between today’s soldiers and centuries-old British Indian Army officers who have become zombies. It is about the spirit Betaal that is trapped in a tunnel since the rule of the British East India Company. The story revolves around how the zombies are unleashed in the real world and how they are dealt with.

5)Dusk till dawn

The series is an American horror series that has three seasons. It is a supernatural crime series about two brothers, Seth and Richie who are wanted by the FBI due to a bank robbery and murdering people. While escaping they encounter the family of former minister Jacob Fuller and him. The drug lord Don Carlos turns them in a different direction to a stripper club that is full of people that look like snakes. They are locked there and all of them have to fight for their survival until dawn.

romantic movies on Netflix

1)Emily in Paris

The series is a romantic drama starring Lily Collins as Emily. The series is about an American girl who moves from Chicago to Paris for a job opportunity that was offered to her suddenly. The story revolves around how she manages the culture change and how Paris treats her while she takes care of her career, love life, and new friends.

2)Too Hot to Handle

It is an American dating game show released in 2020. It is about the collection of a few beautiful people who are brought together and they can mingle with each other with a catch. They have to give up sex completely including masturbation, kissing, and any other thing. Breaking any rule will cost them as a certain amount will be deducted from the prize money.


The Wanderlust is a British drama series that was released in 2018. The series is about a therapist Joy who tries to save her relationship with her husband after involving in a cycling accident putting their sex life on hold.

4)A Suitable Boy

The series is an Indian romantic drama based on a novel of the same name. The story revolves around the stories of four different families that are linked directly and indirectly. The main focus of the series is on Lata a 19-year-old student whose mother Rupa Mehra makes constant efforts throughout to find a suitable boy for her daughter’s marriage. The daughter refuses to get suppressed under her mother and brother’s opinions.

5)Little Things

This is another Indian romantic drama that has 3 seasons in total. The story is about a couple Kavya and Dhruv who stay together in a live-in relationship in Mumbai. The series is all about how their daily life went and what conversations they undergo during that live-in.

6)The Vampire Diaries

The series is a supernatural romantic drama that has eight long seasons. The story starts in Mystic falls where the lead actress Elena Gilbert falls in love with 162-year-old vampire Stefan. She is the identical twin of Katherine who is the love of Stefan and his brother Damon. They both try on saving Elena from different dangers that follow in her life because of their presence. The series is full of supernatural creatures- vampires, originals, wolves, witches, sirens, and vampire hunters.

best science fiction movies on netflix

1)Lost in Space

It is a science fiction series that has two seasons. The series is about a family that is selected for the Resolute’s 24th mission that is a spacecraft that will take some families to a new star system. Before reaching the star the hull of Resolute is attacked by aliens and due to this, they crash on a nearby habitable planet. The further story shows how they cope up with that environment while fighting their demons and at the same time finding a way back to the Resolute.


It is a German science fiction thriller series which has three seasons. The series is about the dark secrets of the past of four families, their broken relationships, and double lives that have created a mystery for over four generations. In the town of Winden, children start getting disappeared. The story involves time travel and a parallel world unraveling a mystery altogether. It is a twisted series full of mystery.

3)Black Mirror

It is a British science-fiction anthology that shows twisted multiple universes where the dark instincts and innovations of humanity run into each other. It has stories that are a collection that creates unease in the normal world.


Away is another science-fiction drama of America that is released in 2020 starring Hilary Swank. The series is about the journey of a crew to Mars that involves the lead actress as well. The story shows how she struggles to leave her family and life behind her. The series is based on hope and the message that we need to come together to achieve certain impossible things in life.

5)Love, Death & Robots

It is animated adult fiction and if one asks what to watch on Netflix in May 2019 then the answer would be this series. All the episodes are different from each other and have different actors. Every episode is somehow connected to the main subjects mentioned in the title. Some of the episodes might be missing some of the subjects.

best documentaries on netflix

1)Bad Boy Billionaires: India

It is an Indian documentary anthology series and has one season. It was released in October 2020 and the episodes reveal the truth of major Indian corruption scandals that involves money laundering. The list of scams shows in the episodes involve Vijay Mallya of The Kingfisher Airlines, Subrata Roy of Sahara India, Ramalinga Raju of Satyam Computers, and Nirav Modi of Gitanjali Group.

2)Our planet

This is a nature documentary narrated by David Attenborough. The series took four years of shooting and six hundred crew members were involved in making the movie. The series shows the diversity of habitats that are spread across the world. It includes habitats from the deep sea, jungles of South America, the wilderness of the Arctic, and landscapes of Africa.

3)Trump: An American Dream

It is a British documentary series that was released in 2017. It is about the former President of the United States that depicts his journey in five decades including his career path to becoming the President and what his public persona is like. It was globally released in 2018 and also includes original interviews and footage.

By now everyone who read the article will have a list of shows, movies, and documentaries that one will like to watch on Netflix. Netflix is very entertaining and can be a great time pass for one. It keeps one engaged and is cost-effective than going to the cinema for every new movie. Also, it is at ease as one need not step out of the house. So, this was the list of everything that will clear the question of the public of what to watch on Netflix. 

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One can enjoy Netflix anytime and anywhere if he has a subscription. Also, making an account on Netflix is not difficult. It just takes up a few personal details, creation of ID and password, and payment of subscription fees. Availing Netflix facilities is the easiest. When one goes for 12 months subscription the payment gets deducted from the subscriber’s account every month. If one wants this subscription to end then he has to cancel it from the account and from next month the payment won’t be deducted.

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