What Type of Health Insurance Is Accepted at Quest Labs?

Quest Diagnostics notes that depending on the state in where the laboratory is located, different types of insurance are accepted. Visit QuestDiagnostics.com to view the list of accepted insurance carriers. Select the See Insurance Providers link by clicking the For Patients tab and then selecting the See Insurance Providers link. Select the appropriate state to obtain a list of accepted providers in that state. If the state has an asterisk next to it, please contact the Quest Diagnostics Commercial Operations department to learn which providers are accepted.

Through QuestDiagnostics.com, consumers may also locate Quest locations, make appointments, request tests, pay bills, and view test results. In addition, users are able to request test reminders. Quest Diagnostics offers numerous testing services, including routine blood tests such as white blood cell counts, Pap testing, total cholesterol screening, as well as molecular and gene tests. According to Quest Diagnostics, Quest also performs tests to diagnose or identify disease, to establish how a condition is developing, or to confirm a patient is disease-free. Quest designs and produces medical equipment, such as test kits, reagents, and medical devices.

According to its website, Quest Diagnostics supplies biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device businesses with laboratory services so that they can perform clinical research trials. Quest is also responsible for the creation of the Care360 system, which enables medical practitioners to receive test results, discuss health information, prescribe drugs, and order laboratory testing.

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