What Victoria’s Secret Fragrances Have Been Discontinued?

The first Victoria’s Secret perfume came out in the late 1980s. Since then, 16 of the original scents have been taken off the market, according to the Victoria’s Secret website. There are still 44 fragrances that Victoria’s Secret makes and sells.

Provocative, romantic, and playful perfumes that Victoria’s Secret used to sell but no longer does can be found online at places like eBay or Fragrancex. Some may still be sold in some Victoria’s Secret stores, depending on when they were taken off the shelves. Body by Victoria was changed in 2014, and the version that was changed in 2012 is no longer being made.

The Victoria’s Secret perfumes that are no longer available are:


Victoria’s Secret

Bouquet of Romance from a Wild English Garden

Victoria’s Bouquet

Garden of the English Harvest

Forget Me Not, Romantic Bouquet


The Rose of Her Majesty




Victoria’s Body

Simple Instinct

So Loved

Sexy Sparkle Vanilla Gold

Victoria only.

Some of the fragrances, body mists, collections, and creams can be hard to find, even though they have not been officially taken off the market. Some scents that are becoming harder to find are Pear Glace and the Forbidden Fantasy collection.

Authentic Victoria’s Secret perfumes that have been discontinued, are hard to find, or are rare can often be found and bought online. A website called scentmatchers claims to be able to match and recreate rare perfumes and a favourite scent.

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