when a thief enters in salman khan house started seeing film

when a thief enters in salman khan house started seeing film
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when a thief enters in salman khan house started seeing film

when a thief enters in salman khan house started seeing film

New Delhi. People have a lot of respect for the Dabangg Salman Khan of Bollywood. Along with being the son of Salim Khan, he has made his own identity in the industry. Today each of his films does business beyond 100 crores. His fans are ready to sprinkle their lives on him. At the same time, there is a different intensity in his industry. Many people are also afraid of him. But do you know that once a thief had entered his house. Not only this, the thief started watching the film in his house.

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Thief entered Salman Khan’s house
Actually, people keep visiting Salman Khan’s house. His family has grown a lot. Friends of Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail Khan also keep coming home. But once a thief entered his house as soon as he got the chance. Everyone thought he was a guest. Later, when the family members got suspicious, he was questioned.

thief watching movie
Salman Khan and Salim Khan told about this anecdote in Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee with Karan. Salman was very young at that time. Salim Khan told that a thief had entered his house early in the morning. He stole some stuff and money. When someone reached that room in the morning, he entered inside the bed. After this Salim Khan told that TV was on in that room and some funny movie was playing on it. He started watching the movie. He stayed for a long time. When Salman Khan saw him he thought that he would be Sohail’s friend and when Sohail came he thought that Arbaaz’s friend. Nobody asked him anything. Everyone thought he was a guest.

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food fed to thief
Salim Khan further said, ‘Then it came to someone’s mind to ask him who he is after all. He got scared when asked this. we hit it off. I said look what it has taken. The thief started counting. He started counting that it is from your house. This is not your house. I stole this from someone else’s house. For this he took 15 minutes. After this it was decided that he should be handed over to the police. But no one was ready to go to the police. Then he was tied up in the meter room. After which the thief told that he was stealing for the first time. After this the Khan family also fed him food.

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