When Dharmendra Talk About Bonding With Sunny Deol

When Dharmendra Talk About Bonding With Sunny Deol
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When Dharmendra Talk About Bonding With Sunny Deol

When Dharmendra Talk About Bonding With Sunny Deol

New Delhi. Bollywood veteran actor Dharmendra has done two marriages. He has four children from his first marriage. Out of which Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol are also known for their brilliant performances in Bollywood. Thereafter, Dharmendra married Hema Malini. He has two daughters from this marriage. Dharmendra loves all his children very much. But his elder son Sunny Deol is called his copy. Both are similar not only in appearance but also in nature. Sunny’s stepmother Hema Malini also believes the same.

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There is a complaint with Sunny
Dharmendra and Sunny both have similar mood. There is a deep bond between the two. But despite this Dharmendra has a complaint with Sunny. Once in an interview, Dharmendra had disclosed this in front of Sunny Deol. Both used to get tired of praising each other on any occasion. But even today there is a tension between the two.


Worked together in the film ‘Apne’
Actually, Dharmendra has worked with both his children Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol in the film ‘Apne’. It shows tremendous bonding between the three. The film was well liked. In the interview, Dharmendra told that in a scene in the film ‘Apne’, Bobby and Sunny had to hug him. But even in the scene of the film, Sunny was hesitant to hug his father.

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hesitate to hug father
In such a situation, Dharmendra said that Sunny is very shy and shy. But everyone finds it difficult to hug their father. While this is not the case with the mother. He immediately hugs his mother. Apart from this, Dharmendra has said in many interviews that Sunny is his ideal son. He said that he could not have got a better son than Sunny. At the same time, Sunny Deol says that he is very afraid of his father. Let us tell you that Sunny Deol and Dharmendra have worked together in films many times. Sunny has become Dharmendra’s body double in the film ‘Main Intakam Lunga’.

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