when dilip kumar left saira bano and married aasman | When Dilip Kumar had brought another Begum, leaving Saira Bano

when dilip kumar left saira bano and married aasman |  When Dilip Kumar had brought another Begum, leaving Saira Bano
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when dilip kumar left saira bano and married aasman |  When Dilip Kumar had brought another Begum, leaving Saira Bano

when dilip kumar left saira bano and married aasman | When Dilip Kumar had brought another Begum, leaving Saira Bano

New Delhi: Bollywood’s acting emperor Dilip Kumar died on Wednesday (July 7) at 7.30 am. Dilip Kumar, 98, was facing respiratory health issues for the past few days and was admitted to the hospital several times. Recently on June 30, he was admitted to the ICU of Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. A century of Hindi cinema has come to an end with the death of Dilip Kumar. His wife Saira is broken by the actor’s departure. Saira supported Dilip in his bad times and also took great care of him.

In such a situation, this thought would immediately come in your heart – ‘Biwi ho to aisi’. So much thought even at this age, but Dilip Kumar i.e. Yusuf Khan sahib had left this wife and had brought another Begum. It is a different matter that he soon understood the mistake and then came back to Saira Banu.

When Dilip Kumar was in good health, he used to write on Twitter with a photo of Saira on his behalf, ‘My Queen’ that too at this age. The love story of both was also very interesting. Saira was crazy about her superstar since the age of 12. Saira Banu was studying in London in those days. His mother Naseema herself was also a Bollywood heroine. One day Saira saw Dilip Kumar’s film ‘Aan’ and fell in love with Dilip Sahab. When Saira was born, Dilip Sahab was 22 years old. There was a huge age gap between the two. Saira had a one sided love. Saira was just as bubbly as the screen image. She was the daughter of a heroine. There was a filmy atmosphere in the house and every wish was fulfilled. When ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ premiered at Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir Talkies in 1960, his mother took him to see a glimpse of Dilip Kumar due to his insistence, but alas, Dilip Kumar did not come. By then Saira had turned 16 and her career in the film world was her destination.

Started career with a bang

The first film was ‘Junglee’ with Shammi Kapoor and from the very first film, Saira settled in the hearts of the people. She became a star, then one after the other she started getting films with big stars, but one day before the first film, she got a chance to meet Dilip Kumar in a function. Dilip Kumar noticed him and smiled. Saira had said in an interview, ‘Noticing him at that time increased my confidence that I found him worthy that he gave a smile’. Dilip Kumar had also got the news of his one-sided love, but there was a gap of 22 years between the two. Due to this, Dilip Kumar continued to deny films with him. Anyway, after a long affair with Madhubala, then after a couple of unsuccessful relationships, Dilip Kumar did not feel like getting married, but Saira did not give up. One day Dilip sahib was called to Saira’s birthday party.

such a marriage

When Dilip Sahab reached his bungalow, only Saira came to welcome him. While shaking hands with Dilip Kumar, he looked deeply into his eyes and saw Dilip Kumar like a young woman instead of a young girl that day. Dilip Kumar has written the whole incident in detail in his autobiography. One day he himself asked Saira the condition of his heart and things went on. Both got married on 11 October 1966. Interesting statistic was, Date was 11, Saira was 22, Dilip was 44 and Sal was 66.

Asma Rehman’s entry
After 15 years of marriage of Dilip Kumar and Saira, a big incident happened. Asma Rahman entered the life of Dilip Kumar. In fact, Dilip Kumar met Asma Rahman during a cricket match at the Hyderabad stadium by his sisters Fauzia and Saeeda. Told that we are friends and your tremendous fan. Asma was married and had 3 children. She was a well known socialite of Hyderabad and also beautiful. After that he started meeting her often. Dilip Kumar did not know how his travel plans were known to this lady. Wherever Dilip Kumar used to leave Mumbai, whether in the country or abroad, in that city, Asam was sometimes present alone with her husband. The relationship became serious and Dilip Kumar got married to Asma. This is from 1981. When Saira Banu read this news in the newspaper, she could not believe it. On her marriage, Saira had asked Yusuf Saheb for a promise that he would not perform another marriage during his time.

There was a ruckus in Bollywood

There was a ruckus in Bollywood too. Pran’s wife and BR Chopra’s wife openly came with Saira Banu. Sharad Pawar also entered the fray. The pressure of Dilip Kumar’s friends also started increasing. It was believed that people had spread rumors that Saira could not have children, so Dilip’s sisters had planned their second marriage, while Dilip Kumar wrote in his autobiography that in 1972 Saira was pregnant, she was a There was a boy, but in the eighth month, the placenta got stuck in the neck of the child, but the doctors could not do the surgery because Saira’s blood pressure was high and lost the child. Whatever be the case, Dilip Kumar agreed to divorce Asma within two years and Saira Banu returned to the house.

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From then till now, Saira Banu was his companion and also his companion of happiness and sorrow. In between, all the stars or leaders used to come to meet Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar was known to someone and not to anyone. In such a situation, only Saira Bano used to work for his hands, feet, ears, eyes. Now Saira is also of age.

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