When Priyanka Chopra said Nick Jonas was a ‘chhavi’ of her late father

When Priyanka Chopra said Nick Jonas was a ‘chhavi’ of her late father
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When Priyanka Chopra said Nick Jonas was a ‘chhavi’ of her late father

When Priyanka Chopra said Nick Jonas was a ‘chhavi’ of her late father

New Delhi. Actress Priyanka Chopra is celebrating her 39th birthday today. Priyanka Chopra made her name from Bollywood to Hollywood. Today the actress is known as International Star. Ever since Priyanka married Hollywood singer Nick Jonas. Since then his fans wait for his Hindi film. Often many news about Nick and Priyanka keep coming out. Today we are going to tell you an interesting anecdote related to Nick and Priyanka.

Reasons for marrying Nick Jonas

Many things keep coming out about the bonding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. One such time when Priyanka was asked, ‘Why does she want to make Nick Jonas her life partner?’ Priyanka gave such an answer. The one who won everyone’s heart. Describing the reason behind choosing Nick as her partner, Priyanka said that ‘Many things are in common between Nick and his father Dr Ashok Chopra. In Nick he sees the image of his father. As she gets to know Nick more. She feels that she is married to such a person. In which he sees the image of his father.

Priyanka had further said that ‘not only music but both are also very strong. They are grounded and trustworthy. Let us tell you that Priyanka was very close to her father. She often thanked her father for supporting her a lot in taking her forward. In 2013, Priyanka’s father passed away due to cancer.

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Priyanka called Nick the most intelligent person

In an interview, Priyanka had said about Nick Jonas that ‘her husband Nick is the most intelligent person. whom they have met. Whatever Nick does, he puts him first. Priyanka had said that ‘It is such a beautiful feeling that when you wake up in the morning and see that you have a person who thinks of you before thinking of himself. You also just want someone to love you very much.

Priyanka Chopra taught Nick many things

Not only Priyanka Chopra but Nick is also often seen showering a lot of love on his wife. In an interview, Nick had told that ‘Priyanka has taught him many important things. Priyanka explained to him that every time some things should not be taken lightly. Sometimes one should try to slow down one’s own speed to fly higher. Nick further told that Priyanka has taught to flow with things.

He still wrestles every single day of his life. But he believes that it is a good way to live life. Nick said that this is the best thing he has learned so far. Of course, go out for a walk or for a film, whatever you do, that time is yours. Just wait for a moment.

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Priyanka Chopra busy shooting for the film

Let us tell you that Priyanka Chopra is in London these days. Where she is shooting for her upcoming film ‘Text for You’. It is being told that after the shooting of this film is over, she will be busy shooting for Hollywood ‘Citadel’. Recently Priyanka was seen in the Bollywood film ‘The White Tiger’. In which she appeared with actor Rajkumar Rao.

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