When Sanjay Dutt fall in love with Rekha after his father Sunil Dutt

When Sanjay Dutt fall in love with Rekha after his father Sunil Dutt
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When Sanjay Dutt fall in love with Rekha after his father Sunil Dutt

When Sanjay Dutt fall in love with Rekha after his father Sunil Dutt

Mumbai. Today is the birthday of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. Born on July 29, 1959 in Mumbai to Sunil Dutt and Nagris Dutt, Sanjay made his Bollywood debut in 1981 with the film ‘Rocky’. After this the actor gave many successful films to the industry. While the actor remained in the discussion about his professional life, he also made headlines about his personal life. Discussions of his affair with many actresses are common among fans even today. According to reports, Sanjay had an affair with actress Rekha. The special thing is that once upon a time Sunil Dutt’s name was also associated with Rekha.

Got married secretly!
Many actresses came and went in Sanjay Dutt’s life. According to reports, Sanjay did the film ‘Zameen Aasman’ in 1984 with actress Rekha. By the way, in this movie, Sanjay played the role of the son of Rekha’s character. According to author Yasir Usman’s book ‘Rekha the Untold Story’, Sanjay fell in love with Rekha, 5 years older than him. Their meeting with this movie gradually turned into closeness. Both on and off the sets of the film started appearing together continuously. When Sanjay’s father Sunil Dutt got this news, he started worrying. It is also said that Sanjay-Rekha had also secretly married in a temple.

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The news of the affair was denied by issuing a press note
Sunil Dutt lost sleepless nights after the information about Sanjay and Rekha’s affair came to the fore. First of all he asked his son to focus on his career. However, Sanjay did not understand this. Disturbed by this, Sunil asked straight line to stay away from his son. It is said that after this Rekha had made distance from Sanjay. Rekha had said in an interview that she had an affair with Sanjay to burn Amitabh. But to put an end to the news of Sanjay-Rekha’s affair in the media, Sunil denied the news by issuing a press note.

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Father also had an affair!
Sunil Dutt was more concerned about Sanjay’s relation with Rekha, perhaps because his name was also associated with the actress at one time. Sunil and Rekha had done movies like ‘Naagin’, ‘Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye’. During this, news started coming on the affair of both of them. Sunil Dutt’s wife Nargis Dutt also got to know about this. Nargis had said in an interview in 1976, ‘Rekha used to give such signals to men that they can be easily available. She is no less than a witch in the eyes of some people. Sometimes I feel like I can understand her. I have worked with many children in my time. Many people have psychological problems. She is lost, she needs a strong man.’

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