When Shah Rukh Khan was full drunk on Baazigar Set

When Shah Rukh Khan was full drunk on Baazigar Set
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When Shah Rukh Khan was full drunk on Baazigar Set

When Shah Rukh Khan was full drunk on Baazigar Set

New Delhi. Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, has worked in many superhit films. He has done films with many actresses. But his pairing with Kajol is super hit. Both have given many iconic films together. The pair of both are liked on the big screen but offscreen also there is a deep friendship between the two. The two are spotted together on many occasions. There is a lot of discussion in Bollywood about the friendship of Shahrukh and Kajol. But do you know when the two first met?

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Shah Rukh and Kajol first met on the sets of the film ‘Baazigar’. In the first meeting, Kajol found Shahrukh’s behavior very bad. Kajol told the story of their first meeting in an interview. He recently shared many anecdotes about the film ‘Baazigar’ in an interview given to ‘ScoopWhoop’. Kajol told, ‘The shooting of the film was kept on January 1 after the celebration of New Year. When I reached the sets of ‘Baazigar’, everyone was wearing black glasses. Shahrukh was also there. He was very drunk. Everyone had come after partying at night. As always, I was just talking. I was speaking very fast and no one dared to interrupt me. We had to shoot a scene.


Kajol further said, ‘In the film, actor Dilip Tahil played the role of our father, so we had to shoot the scene in which we are sitting in front of the table. Dilip Tahil and I had to look a little upset in the scene. We had to speak the dialogue. I told Shahrukh that your dialogue is Bolo. After which he shouts at me and says – Shutup please. After which I said that these are very rude. This is where our friendship started. After that Shahrukh never stopped talking.

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Let us tell you that recently someone asked Kajol on social media that if she had not married Ajay Devgan, would she have married Shahrukh? To this Kajol replied, ‘Isn’t it the case that men propose first.’

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