Where Are Colgate Toothbrushes Made?

Toothbrushes of Colgate are made in Sanxiao, China. According to Colgate, the toothbrush manufacturing facility is the largest in the world. Colgateโ€™s toothbrush manufacturing facility produces roughly 1.4 billion manual and electric toothbrushes annually.

Toothbrushes from Colgate are made from plastic, rubber, and nylon. Egyptians and Babylonians used frayed sticks as toothbrushes as far back as 3000 B.C. The first toothbrushes in China were made using pig bristles and bamboo. In 1844, the first toothbrush with bristles was produced. Before the invention of nylon, toothbrush bristles consisted of natural horsehair or pig bristles. Nylon bristles supplanted natural bristles in 1939 and continue to be used today.

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