Where Can Employees at Rite Aid Find Their Online Pay Stubs?

Employees at Rite Aid can view their pay stubs on the websites provided by the firm. The websites rnation.riteaid.com and paperlesspay.talx.com/riteaid are highly recommended for Rite Aid employees to visit in 2013. Employees will need to give specific information before they may access either of these sites.

According to Pay Stubs Online, in order to access rnation.riteaid.com, Rite Aid employees must use the credentials issued by the firm. If employees are confused about the required information, or have just returned from a leave of absence, they should contact to their payroll manager about regaining access to their pay stubs, as mentioned at rnation.riteaid.com.

Paperlesspay.talx.com requires somewhat different information, therefore users should check with Pay Stubs Online before submitting any payments. The first time an employee visits this site, they will be prompted to log in using the user ID and password that have been provided to them by their payroll manager. Users should update their PIN to something personal after logging in, and should make sure it is easy to remember. After this is done, consumers will be able to access their data by selecting the Pay Advice Review icon and then following the on-screen prompts.

In addition to pay stub information, consumers can also view their W2 information through these sites. Pay Stubs Online recommends that workers notify their payroll manager if they have any issues gaining access to or using the suggested sites.

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