Where Can You Apply for a Hollister Credit Card Online?

As of the end of February 2020, Hollister Co. no longer issues retail credit cards. The popular adolescent lifestyle brand does, however, sell gift cards on its website, both in traditional and digital formats. Gift cards for Hollister Co. can also be purchased in-store at any of their stores in the United States or Canada.

Online Gift Card Purchase Instructions for Hollister Co.

Visit hollisterco.com, the official site of the Hollister Co., to buy a gift card or electronic gift card over the internet. The next step is to locate “Gift Cards” on the homepage’s secondary navigation. If you click here, you’ll be sent to Hollister Co.’s gift card page. By choosing the “Show Me the Money” button on this same page, current Hollister Co. gift card and e-card users can view the value of their account balances.

Simply select the option to “Send E-Gift Card By Email” to complete the transaction. On the next page, fill in the appropriate forms, including the amount that you wish to load on the cards, recipient and sender information, card design, greeting card design and any personal message you’d like to add. Users can also select to add a photo or a video along with the email. When you’re done, click the “Add to Bag” button and choose a delivery window. Follow the on-screen steps to finalise the purchase

Those who seek to acquire Hollister Co. plastic gift cards can only do so in values of $25, $50, $100 and $200. E-cards are also available in the same $75, $150, $250, $300, $350, $400, $450, and $500 values as physical gift cards.

Instructions for Using Hollister Co. Gift Cards to Purchase Products

Gift cards and electronic gift cards from Hollister Co. can be used to buy any product from the store. Every card has a unique 16-digit account number that serves as both the primary and secondary means of payment at any of the brand’s retail locations in the United States and Canada.

In order to use a Hollister Co. gift card to make an online purchase, the cardholder must enter the 16-digit account number and PIN in the “Gift Card” area of the third step of the checkout process. Customers should know that physical and digital gift cards purchased online are not tied to any particular campaign and never expire.

In-Circuit Gift Cards

Gift cards, which are essentially prepaid debit cards, can be loaded with a predetermined amount of money and used to buy whatever the card’s recipient wants. Such cards can be either open- or closed-loop designs. Open loops are gift cards that can be reloaded by the card’s recipients. However, several retailers, like Hollister Co., issue what are known as closed-loop cards, which cannot be reloaded and are therefore rendered useless after the money on the card are depleted.

Gift Card Restrictions for Hollister Co.

As is the case with most store-specific gift cards, Hollister Co. gift cards can only be used to buy products from that store. Once the card has been purchased, it cannot be returned for a refund under any circumstances, per company policy. A lost or stolen card will not be replaced by the company.

Among the Best in the Clothing Industry

The American lifestyle casual clothing business Abercrombie & Fitch owns the Hollister Co. The Hollister Co. makes clothes for young adults and teenagers that reflect the chill vibe of Southern California. Hollister Co. was voted the fourth-most popular brand among teenagers in a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray at the end of 2019.

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