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Where to find Clancy Manor in Fallout 76

Where to find Clancy Manor in Fallout 76
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Where to find Clancy Manor in Fallout 76

Clancy Manor is an sigh with some precious pickups that Fallout 76 players would possibly maybe additionally are attempting to are trying and detect.

Even supposing it has been out for a whereas, many players are deciding to commence their outdated school Fallout 76 play recordsdata again. Here is since the modern Steel Reign has been launched from Bethesda since July seventh.

This guarantees to be an spell binding addition to Fallout 76 that can cease the arc of the Brotherhood of Steel. When picking up the game again, though, it doesn’t ache to circle support to areas to discover loot that players would possibly maybe additionally need omitted the first time spherical. Here is how to get to Clancy Manor.

Keep for spruce source of loot in Fallout 76


It can perhaps be somewhat advanced to place, however Clancy Manor is found on the fringe of The Wooded space in Appalachia. Of course, players need to survey for where the Toxic Valley meets The Wooded space.

Somebody who desires particular support finding Clancy Manor can survey above Cobbleton Farm or to the left of Hemlock Holes.

As to why Fallout 76 players are going to are attempting to place this place out, Clancy Manor is a tight source of consumables that will perhaps support in any playthrough of the game. Possibly the Most noteworthy factor players can snatch up is the Vault-Tec Bobblehead.

Bobbleheads are sizable in Fallout 76, and each participant need to grab one within the event that they place one out. Bottleheads in fact toughen characters in one stat sigh. The one in Clancy Manor is found on the roof of the building by two sets of windows.

Bobbleheads are not the handiest factor to be stumbled on, though. A magazine, recipe and fusion core can all be grabbed at Clancy Manor as nicely.

There also shall be a holotape stumbled on in Clancy Manor, recorded by one amongst the Mothmen. The tape is particularly Chapter 7, for folk that were maintaining up with the lore within the game.

Clancy Manor has a comparatively attention-grabbing history within the lore. It changed into a most fashionable place for raiders sooner than the occasions of the game and later grew to change into a wide stronghold for the Cult of the Mothman.

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