Where to find Kid Kujirai in Genshin Impact? All locations and Temaria game explained

Genshin Impact 2.0 has a hidden challenge that involves a Temaria game and Kid Kujirai. Inazuma arrived with three islands that players can explore, and it not only brings new puzzles but also hidden things to do.There are many hidden achievements in Inazuma, and one of them can be obtained by playing the Temaria game with Kid Kujirai. This game can also be done in co-op after players finish the Temari challenge.Kid Kujirai locations in Genshin Impact Inazuma Obtaining a precious chest in Genshin ImpactAfter unlocking the Temaria game by finding Kid Kujirai near the Konda Village, gamers can locate the former in several other locations. Playing this game will require them to find the Temari ball three times. Afterward, players will obtain a Precious Chest.Here’s where they can find Kid Kujirai in Genshin Impact’s Inazuma:1) East of Inazuma City Kid Kujirai in Inazuma CityPlayers can find Kid Kujirai to the east of Inazuma City. He will be standing near a Thunder Sakura Bough. 2) Southwest of Araumi Kid Kujirai near Araumi shorePlayers can find Kid Kujirai to the southwest of Araumi. He’s standing on a cliff by the beach.3) Northwest of Tatarasuna Kid Kujirai in Genshin Impact’s InazumaKid Kujirai can be found northwest of Tatarasuna, on a beach close to Xavier.4) Southeast of Tatarasuna Kid Kujirai between two treesIin Tatarasuna again, Kid Kujirai is standing between two trees, southeast of Tatarasuna.5) Jakotsu Mine Kid Kujirai in the MineGamers may come across Kid Kujirai while doing the Orobashi’s Legacy quest. He will wait for them in the Jakotsu Mine. The Temari ball can be found by using the Thunder Spheres to travel upward quickly.6) Inside the Serpent’s Head The Serpent was once defeated by BaalKid Kujirai can be found inside the Serpent’s Head. To play this Temaria game, users must first follow the two Electro Seelies to open the door inside the head.How to play the Temari game in Genshin Impact This new Genshin Impact game is similar to Dandy’s challenges in LiyueKid Kujirai will ask Travelers to find the Temari ball within 30 seconds. This challenge has to be done three times on every spot. Finding the balls isn’t always that easyEach time, the ball will be further away than the last one. So players have to keep a close eye to see where the ball is. Using the distance meter to find the Temari easilyThey can use the distance counter to help find the Temari. By moving in different directions, gamers can estimate where the Temari is.This challenge can be done over and over again, and the Temari’s location won’t change. So, they should not worry about failing. Elemental Sight is a great help to find the TemariBecause the Temari ball is small and can easily be missed, users can utilize Elemental Sight to locate the target. 0 0 Reply x   Edit   Delete Delete the comment? No thanks Delete Cancel Update Login to reply Cancel Reply

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