Where to find Table Coral in Subnautica: Below Zero

Where to find Table Coral in Subnautica: Below Zero

Desk Coral is a harvestable coral species in Subnautica: Below Zero that’s out there in numerous colors.

Avid gamers can slit reduction Desk Coral with a Survival Knife or Thermoblade. This offers them with a Desk Coral Pattern. These are main uncooked supplies to reap early on throughout the recreation.


These disk-fashioned corals can both be crimson, inexperienced, blue, or crimson. Additionally they have shapely jewel-esteem nodes that can be thought-about on their tops and aspects. Normally, they’re realized rising on a wall nonetheless can normally be positioned on the seafloor.

Where to obtain Desk Coral in Subnautica: Below Zero

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Desk Coral Samples gathered after harvesting Desk Coral are main in Subnautica: Below Zero. They’re extinct to craft the Pc Chip and Parallel Processing Unit in The Fabricator.

Desk Coral Samples are extinct to type the Scanner Room throughout the Habitat Builder. There are two foremost biomes in which Desk Coral may also be realized:

  • Lilypad Islands
  • Twisty Bridges

Be particular to carry a Survival Knife or Thermoblade. Twisty Bridges is perchance primarily probably the most accessible arrange to obtain Desk Coral between the two Biomes. Twisty Bridges is the supreme wager for early harvesting.

Dipped my toe (heh) into @Subnautica Below Zero tonight, and it is obtained the entire shaky uncertainty of the primary sport at some stage in once more. Apart from with grand much less sulfur and desk coral. >_>

Taking a survey ahead to exploring deeper!

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From the lifeboat, head right away south to obtain this Subnautica: Below Zero Biome. About 200 meters out, a development surrounded by the bridges the place the Biome will get its title from will be positioned.

Head straight down to the left facet of the development. Watch out as there are sharks on this arrange of dwelling. The ocean fly will accomplish it much less advanced, permitting you to protect a great distance from sharks and any spoil they’re normally searching to cause.

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Search on the partitions of the a immense quantity of constructions. There should be quite a few Desk Coral in that arrange hanging horizontally. Method them and slit reduction them to derive a Desk Coral Pattern.

Each may easiest tumble a single Desk Coral Pattern, nonetheless the chance is extreme that they tumble only a few samples of this Subnautica: Below Zero uncooked self-discipline cloth for players to reap.