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Where to find the unusual Hilichurl “Wei” in Genshin Impact?

Where to find the unusual Hilichurl “Wei” in Genshin Impact?
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Where to find the unusual Hilichurl “Wei” in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Affect has confirmed gamers many tantalizing creatures and enemies inside the seven months since the sport’s world launch, however presumably none keep been further irregular than theunusuall Hilichurl named Wei.

On the different hand, it’s reasonably of a stretch to reveal Wei is an enemy. The weird Hilichurl by no means initiates wrestle, and kindly assaults when provoked. When defeated, he leaves inside the once more of some treasured rewards.

Players can farm these rewards by combating and defeating Wei twice each day. To maximise rewards, gamers might nicely perchance moreover moreover enter multiplayer mode, since a celebration of 4 can procure eight Routine Hilichurls in a day.

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Where can Wei be discovered in Genshin Affect?

There are 14 places the place gamers might nicely presumably encounter Wei on this planet of Teyvat, six of which might nicely presumably even be in Mondstadt and the assorted eight are inside the higher land of Liyue. After defeating Wei, he is going to spawn as soon as at one other of the possible places.

In wrestle, Wei throws Primogems and cabbages as projectiles, tosses his Homu doll, and makes use of his suitcase as a melee weapon. When defeated, Wei drops 18 Journey EXP, 233 Mora, and one to three cabbages.

Areas for Wei in Mondstadt

Unusual Hilichurl map locations in Mondstadt (image via Genshin Impact)
Routine Hilichurl map places in Mondstadt (picture by way of Genshin Affect)

Fortuitously, Wei largely appears stop to teleport waypoints and Statues of the Seven, which makes the late technique of discovering him true reasonably of extra easy. On Mondstadt, gamers can procure Wei inside the following places:

  1. Stormbearer Mountains: West of the Anemo Hypostasis
  2. Windrise: Sitting under the astronomical tree in Windrise that’s fairly subsequent to the Statue of the Seven
  3. Dadaupa Gorge: On the cliff north of the Cemetery of Swords
  4. Cape Oath: Watching on the ocean from on prime of the cliff
  5. Stormterror’s Lair: On the damaged bridge southwest of the Statue of the Seven
  6. Lupus Boreas’ enviornment: On prime of the sphere partitions to the left of the entrance

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Areas for Wei in Liyue

Unusual Hilichurl map locations in Liyue (image via Genshin Impact)
Routine Hilichurl map places in Liyue (picture by way of Genshin Affect)

In Liyue, Wei’s places are stop to waypoints and straight ahead to head looking out. Checking the Stone Gate self-discipline might nicely perchance moreover very well be primarily the most hectic. None of the places ought to at all times be too lots anguish regardless, and gamers can search for Wei in these Liyue places:

  1. Qingce Village: Satisfying inside the fields in northern allotment of the village
  2. Stone Gate: On prime of the cliff that’s true to the east of the teleport waypoint
  3. Mingyun Village: Southwest of the area that’s east of the village
  4. Qingyun Peak: Exact reasonably of north of the Statue of the Seven, standing on the cloud-fashioned rock platforms
  5. Cuije Slope: Amongst the many 9 pillars, on the stone floor stop to the entrance to the tomb
  6. Tianqiu Valley: East of the appropriate physique of water, on a damaged platform
  7. North of Liyue Harbor: South of Guili plains, on a cliff that overlooks Liyue Harbor
  8. Lingju Trudge: South of the teleport waypoint, atop one in each of the plateaus

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