Which Banks Have Coin Counting Machines?

TCF Bank, TD Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo all have self-service change-counting machines available at most of their branches. Even though the bank doesn’t have automated change counting devices, it does provide that service for its customers. Users receive receipts from self-service change counting devices, which can be redeemed for cash or deposited at the teller counter.

Customers of most financial institutions are not charged to use automated change counting devices. Non-account holders may be subject to hefty costs when using the machines. For instance, TD Bank’s coin counting machines incur a 6 percent tax when used by non-account holders. Most major banks’ websites will tell customers which branches are equipped with change-counting equipment.

Instead of taking your coins to the bank to be counted, you can use one of the many Coinstar devices that are now commonplace in supermarkets. The fee for using Coinstar is 9 percent of the total value of coins counted. If the customer chooses to pay with a gift card from the store where the machine is located, they may be exempt from the service charge. Coin counting devices at banks have been in decline in recent years as customers increasingly favour using plastic over counting coins. There are still several advantages to using the machines, such as the ease with which spare change can be deposited.

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