Which Countries’ Flags Are Green, White and Red?

Algeria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Burundi, Hungary, and Iran are all places with flags that are green, white, and red. Italy, Lebanon, Madagascar, Maldives, Mexico, and Oman also have flags that are green, white, and red.

The flags of Mexico and Italy look pretty much the same. Their flags have three solid green, white, and red stripes going from left to right. The Mexican coat of arms, an eagle with a snake in its talon sitting on a prickly pear cactus, is in the middle of the white part of the flag. The flag of Italy only has solid stripes.

Also, the flags of Hungary, Bulgaria, and Iran have three solid horizontal stripes of green, white, and red. Hungary’s flag has red, white, and green stripes from top to bottom. Bulgaria’s flag, on the other hand, has white, green, and red stripes from top to bottom. Green, white, and red stripes run from the top to the bottom of Iran’s flag. It says “God is Great” in white Kufic script around the edges of the green and red parts. In the middle of the white part is a red symbol of Iran.

The rest of the flags have different designs with combinations of green and red. On the right side of the flag, there is a white bar that goes up and down, and on the left side, there are red and green bars that go across. There is a white and red stripe on the Belarus flag. On the flag of Oman, a sword and two daggers are shown. The Algerian flag is red and has a crescent moon and a star. The Lebanon flag is green and has a cedar tree on it. The flag of the Maldives shows a white crescent moon, while the flag of Burundi shows four red stars.

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