Which tier does Mirage belong to in Apex Legends Season 9?

Which tier does Mirage belong to in Apex Legends Season 9?

For the longest time, the Holographic Trickster has been a real fan-favorite in Apex Legends, however not likely for his skills and viability in the sport. For essentially the most half, Mirage is a enjoyable Legend to play purely as a result of his powers are extremely distinctive and permit for some actually memorable performs.

However when gamers get critical and leap into Ranked to attempt to win a sport in clutch, Mirage is likely one of the final legends they need to be taking part in. Respawn Leisure has accomplished an unbelievable job in bettering Mirage’s viability in Apex Legends, with an entire rework after Season 2.

After just a few little tweaks right here and there, it’s protected to assume that Mirage is now in a reasonably strong state in Apex Legends. However the place does he belong on the tier record in Season 9 of Apex Legends?

Has Mirage lastly graduated from C tier to B in Apex Legends?


The quick reply to whether or not Mirage is any higher than he was 2-3 seasons in the past? Sure. However is he equally viable like Bloodhound or Pathfinder in Season 9? No.

Merely put, Mirage as a Legend falls someplace between “viable” and “unplayable.” He’s a lot nearer to B-Tier than he’s to the underside half of the C-tier, however that hole all the time appears an excessive amount of for Mirage to cross in Apex Legends. However the present meta is extremely well-balanced, and any main buffs to Mirage may change that.

Squads do not precisely depend on Mirage to ship the sport in clutch. He’s extra helpful as a distraction to draw enemy squads into conflicts. The most effective case situation: Mirage can be utilized to reveal enemy positions in Apex Legends.

Which map fits Mirage the very best in Apex Legends Season 9?


Mirage is not precisely an outside man, as it’s fairly simple to spot a decoy when they’re working out in the open with out a lot as a twitch. Shut quarters is the place Mirage actually earns his status in Apex Legends.

He can simply overwhelm enemy squads together with his Final or lure squads into an enormous battle indoors. Combining Mirage with indoor gods like Caustic and Wattson typically makes for a menacing team-up.

Thus, maps with extra indoors, similar to World’s Edge, is ideal for Mirage. Even sure areas in Olympus are very Mirage-friendly. However it’s this occasional viability that makes Mirage irritating in Apex Legends.

The largest situation with Mirage is that he is not as versatile as a Bloodhound or a Wraith and is just situationally useful to the squad. Respawn might need to return to the drafting board once more to discover a means to make Mirage a viable legend in aggressive and Ranked.

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