Who Are Glenn Beck’s Advertisers?

As of August 2015, the Goldline precious metals investment company and the LifeLock identity theft protection service are two of the most important advertisers on Glenn Beck’s radio show and TheBlaze TV network. Beck also has endorsement deals with both of these companies.

Several companies that used to advertise on Beck’s radio show and Fox News show have stopped doing so because of the controversy surrounding some of the things he said on those shows. In particular, nearly 300 companies pulled their ads from Beck’s Fox News show in 2009 after Beck talked about what he thought were racist attitudes toward white Americans by President Barack Obama. This loss of advertisers is part of a larger trend in which bigger brands, such as J.C. Penney, Domino’s Pizza, and Clorox have pulled their ads from radio and TV talk shows that talk about politics.

Not only have some companies pulled their ads from Beck because of his controversial comments, but there has also been a lot of controversy about the companies that have kept supporting him. During his time at Fox News, Beck’s job as a paid spokesman for Goldline was looked at closely. People didn’t like the endorsement deal because it could make it hard for Beck to be objective as a journalist and look out for his own financial interests.

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