Who Is Brenda Patea? What Happened Between Her And Ex Alexander Zverev

Who Is Brenda Patea? What Happened Between Her And Ex Alexander Zverev

  • Brenda Patea’s relationship with former world tennis number 1 Alexander Zverev lasted for less than one year
  • She met him in October 2019 in Paris while on he was competing at the 2019 Rolex Paris Masters
  • They went separate ways in August 2020, and 6 months later, Patea gave birth to their daughter Mayla, born on 11th March 2021

German model Brenda Patea dated fellow German and former tennis world number 1 Alexander Zverev for almost a year before going their separate ways in August 2020. Months later, she gave birth to Mayla, her daughter with the German tennis ace. Before birthing her child, she accused Zverev of lying to the media about the baby he was expecting with her.

She initially vowed to raise her daughter as a single parent, but all that changed after birth. She allowed the tennis star to have some daddy-daughter time.

Patea’s modeling career has seen her walk in the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week as well as winning Mcfit Models’ new body award in 2017. While her ex-boyfriend is one of the most highly ranked tennis players in the world.

Early Life And Family Background Of Alexander Zverev’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Brenda Patea was born in the German capital on 2nd September 1993 as the youngest of her parents’ 3 children. She was raised alongside her 2 older brothers, one of whom is known as Tobias ‘Toby’ Husbcher, working as an engineer in the German town of Frankfurt an der oder.

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The 28 years old shares a close bond with every member of her family. She always talks about them positively, from her mother, Heike Hubscher, to her father and 2 big brothers.

While growing up in Berlin, Patea developed a passion for modeling. Fuelled by that, she left her hometown at 16 to chase her dreams and become self-reliant.

Her breakthrough on the modeling turf came when she participated in Germany’s Next Top Model TV show and landed in 10th place at the end of the show. This automatically ushered her to fame.

Besides modeling, she intends to pursue a career in acting someday, although she hasn’t revealed when.

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Patea Met Zverev In Paris

She and the former tennis world number 1 crossed paths in Paris. The model was there for business while the German tennis star was competing in the 2019 Rolex Paris Masters.

They bumped into each other in a Cafe on 28th October 2019 and initiated a conversation. In the cause of the chatter, they discovered they were both Germans, even though Patea had no idea she was chitchatting with one of the best tennis stars in the world.

Sooner than later, the German model started attending Zverev’s games. It became obvious at that point that they were just more than friends.

Before meeting the tennis star, the 28 model has dated one or two guys. She was in a relationship with a Turkish-born model and actor, Baris Murat Yagci, and another unidentified man.

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Zverev on the other hand dated Russian tennis star Olyga Sharypova.

The Duo’s Relationship Ended In Less Than A Year

Although most sites are reporting that the pair’s romance ended after a year, a thorough investigation shows it lasted for barely 10 months. This is so if the month they first met is put into consideration.

That aside, the news of the breakup first emanated from the internet as mere speculations the same way as their relationship news. But, it became authentic after they both deleted images and videos of each other from their Instagram pages.

Patea and Zverev reportedly went separate ways in August 2020. She had already conceived and was expecting a child for the German tennis star by the time ended.

As regards what was responsible for the split, there were speculations indicating the pregnancy lead to the break-up. Nevertheless, the claim was debunked by the German model citing individual differences as the reason.

Brenda Patea Calls Zverev Out For Lying About His Involvement In Her Pregnancy

After the break-up, controversies sprung up surrounding Zverev’s involvement in his ex’s pregnancy, including his alleged mental and physical abuse of Olga Sharypova whom he dated before Patea.

According to reports, the German model was irritated by the way and manner the former world number 1 lied to the media about his eagerness to welcome his child with her. This created a general notion that made it seem like he was always keeping in touch with her and the progress of the pregnancy.

She discredited all that and said he hasn’t contacted her for months and doesn’t know much about the pregnancy as he should.

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The Baby Came With A Change

Patea took to her Instagram page on 12th March 2021 to announce the arrival of her baby girl, Mayla. After announcing the news, her fans congratulated her on becoming a mother.

Initially, she revealed that she was taking full custody of her child and would raise her single-handedly, but she change her mind after Mayla was born on 11th March 2021. She allowed Zverev to spend some time with the baby.

The birth of Mayla seemed to have rekindled the friendship pair had previously.

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