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Who is Cole Hauser ? cole hauser movies and tv shows, net worth, Wife, Age

Who is Cole Hauser ? cole hauser movies and tv shows, net worth, Wife, Age
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Who is Cole Hauser ? cole hauser movies and tv shows, net worth, Wife, Age

Who is Cole Hauser? Cole Hauser movies and tv shows, net worth, Wife, Age

A terrific and handsome actor with extraordinary work in some famous TV shows and movies which have won billions of hearts around the world. The actors’ looks are pretty dashing and everyone in the industry and around him adores him a lot for his looks, personality, and his charmingness. Down to earth behavior, humble, and a pure gentleman who has inspired a lot of people in his past. The man has really worked hard to be where he is today right now and all of his hard work has paid off a lot in style. Well, let’s now reveal his name, a very talented, versatile, and handsome actor named Cole Hauser.

who is cole hauser?

who is cole hauser?

Cole Hauser has brought some amazing roles into the industry such as Rogue, the TV series as a role of Ethan Kelly from 2014-2017, and as a character, Rip Wheeler in the TV series, Yellowstone (2018 to 2019). Cole has also played well-known roles in many popular movies such as Fats and Furious 2 (2003), The Hit List in 2011, and many more among other different roles.

Cole was born on the 22nd of March in 1975 in a place called Santa Barbara which is located in California, United States of America. Cole’s parent’s names are Cass Warner and Wings Hauser. His family was of Irish and German descent and the Jewish religion. Cole has 4 siblings as well, his sibling’s names are Tao Gaines, Jesse Pool, Bright Hauser, and Vanessa Mooney. Also, his grandfather was a Warner Bros. studio’s co-founder and had written Oscar-winning films. Cole began his acting career or path in 1992. Cole’s height is 6 feet 1 inch, he has got a good well-toned body with great face cuts. People are very crazy, mad and admire him for his hard work, his body shape and his lifestyle, the way he lives.

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Now under this article let’s talk about his career life, personal life like wife, children, and more and know about his net worth, movie, and series done by Cole, and much more.

Cole Hauser’s Career

He joined his father and started to audition for some roles. His debut role was in Robert Mandel’s drama known as School Ties, back in 1992 under which he starred with Brendan Fraser, Chris O’Donnell, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon. In 1995, Cole acted in John Singleton’s movie named Higher Learning, where Cole played the role as the leader of the campus, Neo-Nazi Skinheads and he starred with Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson, and Michael Rapaport and also, did a TV shows named, High incident and All over me.

  • Later in 1997, he played a good role in Goodwill hunting which was by Gus Van Sant, an Oscar-winning drama under which his role name was Billy McBride.
  • In 1998, he appeared in The Hi-lo Country, and in the 2000s, he was playing a lead role in Pitch Black, a sci-fi horror movie.
  • In 2003, he worked in a war drama movie named Hart’s War, and in 2003, he secured a prominent role in the movie – Fast and Furious 2 as Carter Verone.
  • In 2010, he played a role as Jimmy Godfrey in a TV series named Chase. And In 2011, he played a role in a film name –The Hit List and Assassins Run in 2013.
  • In 2017, he appeared in TV series named Rogue which was a big success and he appeared in 40 episodes.
  • In 2018-2019, he worked in a TV series that was family-based named Yellowstone, and in early 2019, he had many projects like a drama film, the last champion, and Running with the devil, a crime-drama thriller.
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Cole Hauser’s personal life

Well, as his career life, his personal life is also perfect and straight. He was dating his girlfriend named, Cynthia Daniel before they decided and officially were husband and wife. The couple married back in December 2006 and till now they are together as a happily married couple and going strong day by day.



Cynthia Daniel, an American photographer, and an actress. Cynthia has a twin sister who is also an actress named Brittany Daniel and the twin sisters are seen on the big screen in Francine Pascal’s hit series based on a novel named Sweet Valley High. Cynthia’s role name was Elizabeth Wakefield in the series.

The couple, Cole Hauser and Cynthia Daniel has 3 children together. They have 2 sons named Ryland and Colt and a Daughter named Steely Rose. Their sons, Ryland and Colt were born in 2004 and 2008 respectively and their daughter, Steely Rose was born in the year 2013. The Hauser and the family are very happy with their own life.

There was a rumor going on that Cole Hauser was gay, but well I guess after reading about his family, it’s all clear that he is happily married to his wife for almost a decade now and also has 2 sons and a daughter with her. He might also have plans to have more kids shortly.

Cole Hauser’s net worth

Cole has been earning very great and is a successful person in terms of his professional or career life. According to the sources and news, his net worth is jaw-dropping as it is 7 million dollars, Jaw dropped right? Well, his work proves how successful he is in terms of his career.

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Cole is Dazed and confused

The movie follows the mayhem of a group of teenagers who are rowdy and are celebrating their last day at high school in 1976. The class who all are going to graduate head towards to pool hall and joins in the keg party. The star football player, Randall Pink Floyd played by Jason London promised to focus on the championship and not to go over to these parties.

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Cole’s role was of a football athlete and his name was Benny. Unlike his fellow player, Pink Floyd, Benny takes up the game way more seriously. Hauser’s Jock attitude and curly hairs made the role way much stereotypical in the 1993’s film. Cole also once said in an interview that he was 17 years old when he auditioned for Dazed and Confused. He was very much shocked and happy by the people’s reviews.

Cole Hauser in Goodwill hunting

Yet another popular and iconic film in the ’90s under which Hauser was a part. He played the role of Billy McBride in this popular 1997 movie. The movie was about a janitor who was brilliant and worked at M.I.T. He receives mentoring from a Psychologist, played by Robin Williams which helps him find his life path. Billy was Will’s and Chuckie’s childhood friend from the neighborhood.

And after this, Cole’s successful career was going on!!

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