Who Is Elisa Boyer?

Elisa Boyer was with singer Sam Cooke on the night he was shot and killed by Bertha Franklin. Numerous controversies and explanations surround his death, but the jury exonerated Bertha on the basis of justifiable homicide.

Elisa Boyer met Sam Cooke in a California restaurant/bar. The two were friendly at the bar before leaving in Sam’s automobile. They ultimately arrived at a motel where Bertha Franklin was employed as the night manager.

According to eyewitnesses, Elisa was hesitant to enter the room with Cooke, but she said that Sam forced her in. Boyer stated that he pinned her to the bed once inside, but she asked to use the restroom. When she returned, he also utilised it.

Boyer then went to Franklin’s office to request assistance, but she was on the phone, so she attempted to flee. Cooke went to the office and fought with Bertha there. When she became independent, she grabbed her. Using a 22-caliber rifle, he fired several shots at him. Franklin asserted that he lunged at her following the gunshot, and she struck him with the revolver until he collapsed on the floor.

Elisa was a witness to the event, and police lie detector testing revealed that their accounts were consistent.

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