Who Makes Mini Cooper Cars?

BMW began manufacturing Mini Coopers in 1994. Prior to BMW’s purchase, the Mini Cooper was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation, British Leyland, and the Rover Group.

Sir Alec Issigonis designed the automobiles, which were marketed as the Mini with the addition of the Cooper as part of a performance variant created in collaboration with auto-racing great John Cooper. In an effort to develop a tiny automobile line in the 1990s, BMW acquired the Rover Group and began production of the Mini Cooper. BMW introduced the latest generation of Mini in 2001, which was available in three variants: Cooper, Cooper S, and One.

In 2004, they introduced the Mini convertible, which replaced the previous model’s hatchback with a tailgate that could be lowered. BMW released the Cooper D, the first diesel-powered Mini, in 2007. The 2008 model has a wider body and wheelbase, which boosted cargo space and rear legroom. 2011 marked the debut of the first Mini crossover SUV, the Mini Cooper S Countryman, which featured four doors and an available all-wheel-drive system. BMW continues to innovate with the Mini Cooper design by releasing two-seater coupe and roadster variants, among others.

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