Who Uses Certegy?

As of 2014, over 535 retail chains, such as department stores, catalogues, supermarkets, drug stores, home centres, clothing specialty stores, and shoe stores, use Certegy to check checks and stop bad check writing. Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Nordstrom, Big Lots, Fred Meyer, CVS, Foot Action, Toys “R” Us, IKEA, and Barnes & Noble are just some of these places.

Certegy is used to process 70% of all checks that are authorised in the United States. Certegy handles almost 3 billion checks worth more than $161 billion each year.

Certegy has been in business since 1984, and at the point of sale, a check reader makes sure that the customer is not already in the database. Certegy then responds in eight to ten seconds with a message telling the customer to accept or decline. If the check is turned down, the store asks for another way to pay and gives the customer a number to call to find out why the check was turned down.

Certegy costs 25 cents per check, with a minimum monthly fee of $20. No Bounced Checks says that if a store uses Certegy, the chance that they will accept a bad check goes down by up to 80%. If you turn down just one bad check a month or every three months, you can pay for the service for a whole year.

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