Why Best Friends Kareena Kapoor And Karan Johar’s Bond Broke

Why Best Friends Kareena Kapoor And Karan Johar’s Bond Broke
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Why Best Friends Kareena Kapoor And Karan Johar’s Bond Broke

Why Best Friends Kareena Kapoor And Karan Johar’s Bond Broke

Mumbai. The friendship of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and filmmaker Karan Johar is considered to be one of the strongest in Bollywood. Whatever Karan knows, it happens to Kareena too. The stories of their friendship are also famous. However, once there was such a rift between the two regarding the fees to roll in the film that they did not talk for a year. Let’s know about this story-

Kareena asked for fees equal to Shahrukh Khan
Karan Johar has written about this anecdote in his biography ‘The Unsuitable Boy’. He writes, ‘Mujhse dosti karoge’ movie was its release weekend, I offered kareena kal ho na ho and she asked for as much money as Shahrukh was getting for this film. I said sorry!’ Karan was very upset with the discussion about fees with Kareena. He further wrote in his book, ‘I was very hurt. I told my father, ‘Leave this room of emotion,’ and I called him. He didn’t pick up my phone. Then I said, ‘We will not take this in our movie and have taken Preity Zinta in this movie. Kareena and I didn’t talk to each other for almost a year. We only looked at each other at parties. She was a child, she is about 10 years younger than me.

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Kareena called to know about Karan’s father
After this, it was Kareena who converted this fight into friendship. Regarding this, Karan wrote, ‘We were about to release ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ in November. We shot the film till June, July, August and September. I had to shoot songs, make promos, etc. I had to come back and my father was being treated in New York. Meanwhile, Kareena called me. This is August. We had not spoken for 9 months. She called me and said, ‘I heard about Yash uncle. She became very emotional on the phone itself. And said, ‘I love you and forgive me that I was not in touch with you. Do not worry.’

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After this, the fight between Karan Johar and Kareena ended here and both of them did many films together. These include movies like ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’, ‘Good Newwz’, ‘Kurban’.

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