Why Did John Hagee Divorce?

John Hagee told his congregation in a letter in 1975 that he had been immoral. After that, he divorced his wife, Martha Downing. It is not known exactly what is wrong. On April 12, 1976, he got married to Diana Castro, who was a member of his church. Because he got married again right after getting divorced, people said he had an affair while he was married.

In 1960, Hagee married Downing, and the two of them had two children. Hagee used to be the pastor at Trinity Church in San Antonio, but he quit after getting bad press about his divorce.

Hagee and Castro have three kids together. Their names are Matthew, Christina, and Sandy. Hagee and Castro’s children are all musicians, and they played as a group called “The Hagees.”

Hagee began a new church on May 11, 1975. It was called The Church at Castle Hills. Even though it started with only 25 people, it quickly grew, which led to two expansions. The first one had 1,600 seats, and the second one had 5,000. Hagee gave the second place of worship the name Cornerstone Church. Matthew, his son, took over as head pastor of the church after he died.

Hagee has written books, and his sermons are shown on many religious TV channels. He has also started up religious groups.


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