Why Do I Keep Seeing “I Hate Steven Singer” on Billboards?

The “I loathe Steven Singer” billboards are part of a clever marketing effort by the Philadelphia jewellery store Steven Singer Jewelers. The phrase is frequently used in radio commercials. The slogan displayed on the billboard was stated by a male customer of the jewellery business, who made the offhand comment after informing Mr. Singer that the diamond ring he bought his wife resulted in a new baby.

Billboards carrying the message “I despise Steven Singer” appear along large roadways in Philadelphia. The minimalist billboard design presents the fascinating statement in scratchy white text against a black background. A URL for the company’s website appears straight underneath. The billboard bears a remarkable resemblance to writings on a classroom blackboard. When the billboards first appeared, many felt they were the work of a vengeful lady.

The billboard’s irreverent comedy is geared at a younger male demographic. The company conducts chicken wing eating contests and boasts one of its locations is the home of the world’s largest bubble bath. These are of a piece with the company’s humorous, irreverent image. There is also a “I loathe Steven Singer” race car that competes in NASCAR Nationwide Series events. Although Steven Singer’s unconventional embracing of negative words in his billboards has garnered supporters, the billboards has generated some confusion among the general population.

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